#100 Happy Days: Day 21-25

More shots from a focus on loveliness 🙂

Day 21: a glimpse of Edinburgh Castle.  Man, I love that city so much!

Matthew and I walked past the spot where we took our first ever picture together.  Definitely time for a selfie 🙂

We love going to Brewdog whenever we are in town.  Don’t worry, one of the pints was mine!

 Matthew’s mum and the niecelet popped up to see us in Edinburgh.  We had a gorgeous day of chats, fish and chips, cups of tea, and Matthew coaching the niecelet in the art of football!

Day 22 called for a bubblebath in the middle of the day.  Such decadence.

That evening Shona and I went to see Miss Saigon.  It was…..pretty good.  I must admit I was hoping to be blown away, but instead it was….good.  Elements were excellent – The Engineer was the perfect mix of sleaze and swagger, the Commodore was brilliant, and Kim impressed.  But a few of the changes felt flat (Ellen’s songs got switched around and messed with; a few key notes fell).  It’s still very early in the run, I’m hoping to catch it again in the autumn to see if the kinks have been ironed out.  Still worth catching though, just not quite in the league of Matilda or Book of Mormon, both of which were tremendous.

Day 23, the flowers for our wedding arrived, made by the hugely talented Donna! Full review to follow post-wedding, but she’s been an utter dream to work with.  The bouquets and buttonholes are just what I wanted!

 Also Day 23, so kind of pageantry in London – the joys of living in  big acity! 

Day 24, taking time to enjoy our pretty wee garden.  Matthew is such a star and keeps it looking so nice!

Day 25, a train to Leeds to spend time with family and friends – we headed up to try on wedding suits for the boys.  And eat some very good steak!

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  1. Siobhan Mac
    8th July 2014 / 5:39 pm

    Such loveliness x

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