Meal planning Monday: Monday, June 23rd

Exams are marked, away days done, reports are filed….so now I can see the faintest glimpse of the summer holidays hovering on the horizon!  12-and-a-half working days to go, and one of the bitter-sweet-est seasons of the school year.  As excited as I am for summer, I will miss my class too – they are such a bunch of sweeties and they have come on so much!  I guess that’s the thing with teaching, a neverending season of change.

Right, on with the meal planning!  A lazy week because I’m being pretty social.

Monday:  I intend to have a chilled evening in front of the football, so it’s a no cook supper for me!  Wholemeal tortillas with chicken, avocado, lettuce and tomatoes, with a splash of salsa and a sprinkling of goats cheese beckon.

Tuesday: Post-gig (Shona and I are off to see Striking Matches, an amazing band we caught at Country 2 Country earlier this year) I’ll tuck into some Greek salad.  Perfect when the weather is hot!

Wednesday: I’m out for supper with Cynthia, my co-chair for New Member’s in the JLL this year.

Thursday: Out again at a blogging event, I think the food is ‘Vegas inspired’.  Colour me intruiged!

Friday: Shona and I gig again, this time to see the living legend that is Dolly Parton.  I forecast Byron burgers beforehand or Mexican food afterwards!

Saturday: One of the rarest occurences will feature.  An empty diary day.  I intend to work out, blog, work on JLL projects and end of term gifts, and then curl up in front of the TV for a moviefest replete with pita bread pizzas.

Sunday: I think a big batch of Mexican chicken would be perfect!  Served with tortillas or rice and beans, it’ll be a filling and yummy conclusion to the week.


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