100 Happy Days: Days 31 – 35

More glimpses of my happy little existence.

Travelling across town for a Junior League afternoon tea, I spotted this awesome mohawk.  What a dude!

Tea was lovely!  Treats and tea and lots of chatter.

On the way home my tube train got held up.  And I spotted bunnies!  Love the little things you can glimpse around town.

Day 32 saw me doing a lot of wedding planning.  Lists and spreadsheets and coffee?  Not a bad way to spend the afternoon!

Day 33 we headed off for away days with the boys.  On the way we passed through Shere, a tiny little place in Surrey, and the setting for chickflick par excellence The Holiday.

Day 34 was spent deep in the woods.  Challenges and campfires and dappled sunlight through trees….

…and washing 14 sets of very muddy boy clothes out in  a bathtub after a ‘rafting’ activity which contained an awful lot of ‘falling into the pond’.  I originally wrote ‘pong’ not ‘pond’. That would have worked too!

Day 35, making 30 cups of hot chocolate.  Feeling empathy with the Duggars!

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