Five Minute Friday: Belong

Five Minute Friday

It’s been a good long while since I’ve had time on a Friday to sit down for five minutes to write.  Because Five Minute Friday is such fun, but I always want to click and read and linger, to meet other bloggers, to soak up the goodness.  So in the busy season at school, the season of exams and reports and end of term fun, writing falls back a little.

But now?

It’s summer break.

Time to read and write and think, as well as time to catch up on wedding planning and Junior League things, is plentiful.  So I’m linking up with Lisa-Jo and our hostess for the week, Crystal, to write on today’s prompt, for five minutes only.

No pausing.  No worrying.  No editing.

This week’s prompt?

Is belong.  


All my life, I have to say, I’ve kind of struggled with the feeling of belonging.  Quirky family makeup, six different primary schools, five years of boarding school, new sixth form, two universities (one undergrad, one postgrad), meant I had a lot  of practice at being the new girl.

Now, this has it’s advantages.

I’m a tenacious little thing, and having to constantly be the new kid was tricky but got my introduction flow down pat.  I was warm, open, my shyness squished down as far as I could reach.  Because it had to be.  I wouldn’t trade the skill of being friendly for anything now, but it took time to perfect.  Similarly, the art of keeping friendships alive over miles and time zones – a life skill I’m so glad I’ve cultivated.

That being said, there are disdvantages to being the unknown on the class roll.  It’s harder to ‘belong’.  I remember when I moved up to Forres at 16.  Everyone seemed to know each other.  Forres seemed to be filled with these huge, interlocked, warm families whose children had all grown up together and I felt like such a misfit!  True to form though I settled in and made some super friends, but it still felt sometimes like I was an odd one out.

Fast forward half a lifetime (good gravy, that’s crazy to think of!), however, and I now feel that I do belong.  Right where I am.  Sure, my life might not be the most conventional, or the least conventional for that matter, but it’s mine and I love it, and I’m right where I belong.  As we prepare for our wedding the overwhelming love and support we’ve had to draw upon has been as clear as stars in a Highland sky – we are right where we belong.  When I stand in front of my students teaching maths or English I’m just where I belong.  When I’m walking through London to a concert or a brunch or a play, I’m just where I belong.  When I’m cuddled up with M, I’m right where I belong.

Who know it would all come together so neatly?


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  1. Siobhan Mac
    12th July 2014 / 1:37 pm

    This is really fascinating. I've only really felt a sense of belonging since I met Matthew and I find it so hard to find a reason why. I love how you can pin point it. I hope that helps you and am glad you feel you do now x

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