Our wedding: Music at the Church

One of the things Matthew and I were most excited to plan for our wedding was the music – from hymns to choral pieces to slow songs and floor fillers.  I made up playlists for the four main (musical) parts of our big day, and I figured I’d share them here now we are all done!  It’ll be nice to look back on, means friends and family who couldn’t make the trip might get a taste of the day, and I thought if anyone else is now planning their wedding and happens upon it, they might notice something they like!  I’ll be posting next week with oh. So. Many. Pictures.

First up, the music at the church.  Our church, St Clement Danes, is stunning, and the choir and organist were fabulous.  We’re not really flower people or high fashion people, but we love us some sublime music:

PS Yep, I’m aware that it’s kind of a wedding-music-greatest-hits-mix.  Hey, waddya gonna do?  You go see the Stones, you want to hear the classics, right (hat-tip to Chef).

PPS Yep, several cross-overs with the British Royal Wedding of 2011.  Maybe they were aiming for the same wedding-music-greatest-hits feel?

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  1. Riot Kitty
    20th August 2014 / 4:40 am

    Thank goodness for the interwebs! Congratulations again!

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