Our Wedding: Some Guest Shots!

Well hello there!

I am now happily one week into this whole married thing, and really could not be happier.  I am getting a very silly but nonetheless delightful kick out of saying ‘my husband’, and Matthew is enjoying tutting whenever I say the incorrect surname.  I counter that as it’s going to take about eleventy million years to do all the name changing, I can enjoy my maiden name for a little longer!

Our day was absolutely beautiful, truly everything we had hoped, wished, and planned for.  To be so surrounded by love and support on a wedding day was a huge blessing, and really started our married life off in style! Today I’ll post a few of the lovely shots taken by friends and family on social media, and there will be a landslide of pro shots once we have them!  I know a fair few people who couldn’t make it, so here seemed the ideal place to share.

Plus, who doesn’t love a good nose at a wedding!  Thank you to Siobhan, Jenna, Martin, Vixie, Sam, Christy and Emily for using the hashtag and taking such sweet pictures!

 Emily made her beautiful bridesmaid dress (the girl is seriously talented!) – I love this wee snap she shot between service and reception!

Converse up!  I was going to wear Converse with my dress until I realised I couldn’t bend down to tie the laces.  Kaz and Vixie represented instead.

 Our gorgeous array of cakes, all handmade by the delightful Kaz!  Such a huge gift and such delicious goodies.  Everyone was raving about her cakes!

Kaz and Shona at my house before we all headed into town!

A quick snap with Christy towards the end of the party.

Table decor.  My mother-in-law loved the occasional owls we had dotted around so much she took them home, and they now adorn a bookcase or similar up north.  Love that!

Badgers, clearly.

Christy snapped this selfie while waiting to come and help me into my dress.  Isn’t she beautiful!

Adam loved our ice cream van!

A first dance snap!

Lou + bubbles = joy!

 Yep, cake.

Vixie and Kaz rocking those shoes!

I tried to put little details here, there and everywhere – I’m glad people enjoyed them!

It was so lovely to hang out with all of bridal squad before the service 🙂

Pretty sky!  We were so lucky with the weather!

Badgers and bouquets!

So grateful to school for letting us use the grounds!  Perfect setting for a reception.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this little sneak peek.  More to follow once the pro pics arrive!


  1. Monica
    25th August 2014 / 4:42 pm

    I love, love, LOVE your color scheme!! And having made my own wedding dress (a very simple one, that makes me sound like a far more impressive seamstress than I am), I would love to/can't wait to see a full photo of that handmade bridesmaid dress! Your wedding looks like it was so much fun 🙂

  2. SheAteAWholePie
    14th October 2014 / 4:27 pm

    The owl that came home with us, or 'Ow-Ell' as he's called at our house, spends 50% of his time on our shelves, and 50% of the time in an adoring toddler's cot.

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