Baking with Betty Crocker

A couple of weeks ago I was kindly invited along to a baking evening with Betty Crocker (the brand, not the fictional lady.  Now that would have made a very different post!).  In the course of the evening we experimented with different ways to use the various products and learned some new techniques, as well as learning more about the brand.

My favourite Betty Crocker factlet I actually knew before the event.  Apparently when the cake mixes and cookie mixes were first trialed way back when, they were ‘just add water’.  This was too easy for the American housewife of the day, so the food designers went back to the drawing board and added a couple of extra steps (hence the eggs and oil!).

I use Betty Crocker products from time to time at home and like to bake, so I thought popping along would be a fun evening.  The items I use the most in my kitchen are the Red Velvet Cake mix (I’ve tried three or four recipes for a good made-from-scratch RV cake and still haven’t cracked it!) and their frosting for when I have a batch of cupcakes made and ready to go – it’s quick and convenient!

Here are a few pics from the event:

Sugar high in…..3……2…….1……

My baking partner for the evening was the lovely Leyla – I’ve bumped into her at other cooking events and enjoy her blog, so it was fun to join forces for the class.

Demo time.

Steph and Vicky are two other bloggers I’ve met before – it’s a small world!  Always nice to see people and catch up.

Check out the look of concentration!

Oooooh, swirly cakes!

More instructions.

Leyla and I were amused that the other team’s cookies had emerged beautiful and uniform in size.  Ours had become….ENORMOCOOKIE.

Betty Crocker were hosting the event to promote their newest product, Vanilla Icing and Sprinkles. So convenient when you’re catering for a party or celebration.  

Thank you so much to Betty Crocker for inviting me, and for the goodies you gave me to enjoy at home.  I had to leave the evening on time for another commitment, so didn’t get to see the finished articles.  I have however, been producing some lovely weekend treats at home 🙂

 Red velvet cake, cream cheese frosting, mini marshmallows.  Yum!

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