Our house at Christmas

Decorating for Christmas is one of my favourite things.  I love our home anyway, but filled to the brim with sparkles, fairy lights and cards?

It’s even better.

Here’s a few shots to show off this year’s shininess.  Mum, look!

This beautiful decoration crowns Davina, the tree in our bedroom.  It was made by our sweet friend Emily, who is obscenely talented when it comes to crafting!  You can visit her on etsy or notonthehighstreet to see other beautiful things she has made, crafted and sketched.  So clever!  I love seeing what Emily devises for gifts.

Round here, cat decorations are clearly going to happen….

As are badgers!  We’ve had the top badger for a couple of years, and now his girlfriend has arrived.  Thank you, Shona!

Davina tree, replete with a pile o’ gifts.

We have little things dotted hither and thither.  This wreath tops our first stairs.  The cats are hypnotised by the ribbons!

I really like our stockings – by the time I shot this Matthew’s was away to be filled….now mine has ‘disappeared’ too!

Dave the tree in all his glory, in our sitting room.

We are so lucky – many of our friends know how much we like decorating for Christmas, so decorations are often gifted to us.  This pretty wooden owl decoration is one of two my sweet friend Eileen brought back from Frankfurt for us.

Our very clever friends James & Laura made these beautiful ‘love and thanks’ baubles as their wedding favours (they wed earlier this month – congrats again, lovelies!).  Such a pretty addition to the tree.

I’m a sucker for an initial!  These were new this year.

Our trees feature lots of badgers…

…and our trio of cats even make an appearance!

Every mantel and shelf is beladen with cards and lights and little knicknacks.

Even Lizzy-fish joins in!

Wreaths on inside doors as well as our front door.

Love my little advent nativity.

In the dining room we do put decorations up, but try to make sure they are fairly kitty-friendly as it’s very much their stomping ground.  Poppet LOVES knocking over Christmas cards.

I love our new ice bowl!  So shiiiiiiiny.

Christmas in the kitchen consists of a countdown – and a very festive bottle of wine (thanks, Katie!).

So that’s our Christmas decor 2014.  To have a glimpse at 2013, 2012, 20112010 and 2009, please just click on through.

Happy Christmas Eve Eve, all!

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  1. Riot Kitty
    24th December 2014 / 6:57 pm

    That is super jolly indeed! I love the cat decorations.

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