Giveaway: Because Books Make Me Happy (Especially These Ones). And so Does Blogging. And Apparently, Long Titles.

I have been reading Gretchen Rubin’s blog and her books for a long time.  Her take on happiness and habits really chimes with a lot of my own ideas, while still offerng challenge and inspiration aplenty. I devoured The Happiness Project when it was first published (I’m a project fiend!), loved Happier At Home, and was delighted when Better Than Before was released earlier this year.  I always enjoy reading Gretchen’s take on things, and in a year where I’m aiming to change so many of my habits and ways of doing things this book arrived at the ideal time!

I also follow Gretchen on twitter, so when I realised she would be in town and giving talks, I immediately booked a ticket.  And so it was that on Tuesday last I moseyed down to central London for a 7.30am breakfast and an ‘improve your life before lunch’ session with the author herself.  It was such a nice morning – I met lots of other reading fans and Gretchen herself was charm personified.  She’s clearly whip-smart, but also well-spoken and thoroughly warm.  Such a pleasure to meet her!

The event was hosted by Red magazine, and they really ran everything beautifully.  The conversation was conducted by their Health Editor, Brigid Moss. She was a great interviewer, inquisitive and intelligent.

After the talk there was a book signing – I got a ‘gold star’ as I’ve been reading the books and blog for so long!  My inner overachieving schoolgirl (you know I was that kid, right?) was thrilled.

I was also the goofball who asked for a picture.  Yes, I’m a fangirl.

I’ve enjoyed Gretchen’s books so much, I felt like I wanted to share them with others.  I’ve also been thinking I should do a giveaway, as it’s been a while and I wanted to celebrate a recent milestone for this little blog (half a million pageviews…on the one hand, small potatoes, on the other, wow!).

So I am going to do a giveaway, and the winner will receive a copy of each of Gretchen’s books: The Happiness Project, Happier At Home, and Better Than Before.  They are all great reads and full of wit and wisdom.  I’m thrilled to be able to share them with one of you!

These are my copies – the giveaway winner will receive paperback copies of The Happiness Project and Happier At Home, and a hardback copy of Better Than Before.

There are various ways to secure an entry – all bids will be added to a spreadsheet and then someone selected at random (using  The ways to enter are:

Leave a comment on this post: 1 entry

Follow me on twitter: 1 entry

Follow me on instagram: 1 entry

Follow me on pinterest: 1 entry

Follow my blog on facebook: 1 entry

(This is probably a good time to mention that while there is some crossover between these four channels, I try to share different things on my profiles in different places too.  Four identikit experiences would not be fun!)

Follow my blog on bloglovin‘ (I’m starting to get into it!): 1 entry

Tweet about this giveaway: 1 entry

Mention this giveaway on instagram: 1 entry

Pin this giveaway: 1 entry

Facebook about this giveaway: 1 entry

Mention this giveaway on your blog: 1 entry

Leave me a comment below (just one is fine!) and tell me which of the above you’ve done, and I’ll add your entries to the spreadsheet of joy.  This giveaway is combining so many of my favourite things.

If you already follow me on the five sites (twitter/insta/pinterest/fb/bloglovin) please let me know in your comment, and that’ll be an entry too for this giveaway – one for each channel.  Loyalty as well as novelty, right?

The maximum amount of entries per person is 11 (one of each), but as it’s a random selection, do feel free to do as many or as few as you like.  Huzzah!

Good Luck!  I’m super excited to share these books.  This giveaway will close at 11.59 p.m., BST on Thursday April 30th, and the winner will be announced in my post on Monday May 4th.

Note: This giveaway is all me – the books have been purchased by me, and I paid to go to the breakfast talk.  I just really like positive, interesting reads! 🙂 


  1. Danielle Eskdale
    20th April 2015 / 9:42 am

    I love this so much, it's always great when you find a writer you identify with and the positive/ happy theme of these books is soo up my street!I love that you asked for a photo, I bet she loved it too and appreciated having a reader that is a long time fan. Really enjoying looking through your blog so far and can't wait to read more!!Best wishes, Danielle

    21st April 2015 / 4:39 am

    This is the first I've heard of Gretchen Rubin – but I'm intrigued!!

  3. Siobhan Mac
    27th April 2015 / 12:03 pm

    This is so cool – I remember when you posted about her before – so glad you got to meet her!

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