Life lately, according to instagram

Life lately has been fun and surprising and loaded with goodness (like an awesome plate of nachos, to coin a silly simile).  The Easter break is always a replenishing one and it’s been lovely to recharge with sleep and time spent with loved ones and books and myriad other lovely things.  Here are a few things from my lately; some of these items will spawn their own posts too, but I thought I’d do a little post on what’s been keeping me busy.

This past weekend was a jaunt to the north to see family.  I was also able to catch up with two lovely friends who are setting up shop in the glorious north-east too!  

Doesn’t Hexham Abbey look gorgeous in the spring sunshine?

I’ve also loved having time to get to various blogger events and goings on.  The Debenhams Beauty Press Day was great fun (I love all things beauty so was a little like a kid in a candy store!) and I loved their lift full of blue skies.

While we were north we spent lots of time with Matthew’s family and the niecelets.  This is niecelet two – isn’t she precious?  I had oh so many cuddles with this ray of sunshine!

Newcastle from the train.

Leela loves nothing more than to gallop up for some early morning snuggles every day.  Our cats are so sweet!

Always lovely to spot Durham on a journey.

Over on instagram I’m doing outfit of the day (#ootd) posts.  I was just feeling a bit bummed out and frumpy and tired of feeling ashamed of my looks.  Yes, I want to lose weight and get healthier, but I also want to celebrate the now and all the things I wear and love at the moment.  Hence the #ootd posts!  I did note that my ‘go to’ poses were a little tired, so I’m trying to inject a little more silliness (here, jazz hands, baby!).

Love my cute new shoes.  I love a stripe, me.

Fry is an incredibly beautiful cat, but he’s so tricky to photograph well.  He’s very shy and his gorgeous black fur can sometimes be hard to capture, but on this occasion boy-cat was ready to work it for the camera!

With a lobster car.  In Hexham.  As you do.

His name was Claude, by the way.

Yesterday I got to try aquaspinning.  It was both a brilliant workout and a unique experience.  More on this soon!

This morning I went to a lovely breakfast talk put on by Red Magazine featuring one of my favourite bloggers and non-fiction authors, Gretchen Rubin.  I’ll blog more fully about the morning and her latest book, Better Than Before, soon, but I thought this shot of the two of us was cute, so it got instagrammed.  Such a pleasure to meet her!

After the talk it was off for a walk (all about those steps…..), so I’ll sign off with this glimpse of the London skyline, from the top of Primrose Hill.  I’m usually too lazy to climb to the very top, but today in the sunshine felt like the time to do so.

Happy Tuesday, all!

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