Life Lately, According to Instagram

Instagram is such a fun way to micro-blog.  It’s a great way to keep up with things, even when longer posts are harder to get to!

As we worked on our politics focus in school, Poppet formed her own party.  The posters were quite convincing.

Matthew and I headed up to Norfolk to the beautiful wedding of our friends E & M.  It was the most gorgeous day and such fun!  They met at a festival so that was the theme – brilliant.

Warm, sunny weather equals plenty of walking.

We’ve been doing a lot of nesting (I think it’s because we’ve been here three years and it felt like time for some sprucing!).  I finally got some of the fun photobooth pictures we’ve collected over years of weddings and events into frames.  Such fun!

There’s always time for dinner with a friend!

We got to go and visit my friend Kaz at her awesome new place, so of course, I made a cake.  Matthew decided cake making deserved champagne.

Shona and I went to see the always awesome Striking Matches at Union Chapel, probably my favourite music venue in town.  They were amazing.

The cats are enjoying the sunny weather and are getting plenty of treats!

The election was all consuming…but now feels like a million years ago!

Friday night called for Prosecco and Pitch Perfect 2.  It was such fun, just a great, cheesy, silly film.  Sometimes that’s exactly what you need.

Could Poppet be more comfortable here?

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