Life Lately, According to Instagram

A busy week of school, a lovely weekend in Leeds, and the start of half-term break.  Awesomeness.

While we were up in Leeds we popped in to see the lovely Emily and Adam and their sweet dogs, Digs and Coops.  I love Coops’ expression here!

There’s been a lot of box action.  As ever.

Fry has been loving getting so much attention!

So lucky to see these lovelies on their 1st wedding anniversary!  Time flies when you’re having fun, for sure.

Lovely dinner with some of my gorgeous colleagues on Friday night.  Always great to catch up away from the whirl of school!

Enjoyed the opportunity to use some of our awesome stationery for thank you notes.

You can buy biscuits.  In a jar.  The spread on toast.

*Mind blown*

A Bank Holiday weekend calls for a stack of magazines.

Our friend Hannah had a brilliant Eurovision party for her birthday – it was fantastic!  We chose to be Sweden because we figured we could raid Ikea for our foodstuffs on the way up from London, and because blue and yellow are our favourite colours.  They ended up winning.

And Ikea beer is pretty decent.

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