Currys Juicing Event

Last Thursday I went along to the Joe Blogs HQ near Kings Cross to attend a ‘Juicing vs. Blending’ event hosted by Currys and Philips.  I love making different smoothies and shakes so I was very excited to learn a little more, check out some new ideas and perhaps pick up a recipe or two!  It was a really fun event with lots of cool bloggers in attendance, and I very much enjoyed a liquid dinner of the healthy, fruit-and-veg based sort.

There was lots of potential for silliness and chat as well as learning about some brilliant Philips products and some unique things to add to your concoctions.  I’d genuinely never thought of using avocado in a blender before.

Mmmmmm, avocado.

We were split into groups for the making portion of the evening – I teamed up with the lovely Indra, who I’ve met at other events previously, and Lucy, who was a riot.  We were determined to make #posingwithvegetables (and fruit) a thing.

The team!  I loved the juicer, so clever – I think I’d be addicted to carrot and apple juice if we had this in the house!  Healthiest craving ever?


The lovely Stephanie from Raw and Juicy came to talk to us about juicing and the health benefits of it.  She’s a great advert for her brand, the absolute picture of health!  I’d love to do a juice cleanse post honeymoon to kick start the next phase of the healthkick, will definitely do some research and investigation on this point.

Loved bumping into the wonderful Natasha too (we so serious!) who was one of the winners on the night.  Her fitness blog is awesome and I’m loving getting to know her and some of the other London fitness bloggers as I prep for the changes the next academic year will bring in my life and my health.

Thank you to Joe Bloggers, Currys and Philips for a fabulous night of healthy food, great company, and fun.

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