It’s a sign

As I am now a fully signed up FitBit fiend, one of the funnest things about walking more is how much of the city I get to see!  And while I’m wandering the city I get to see so many cool sights – the majesty of St Paul’s; the quiet calm of Hampstead Heath; the pretty backstreets of Marylebone; and the many, many silly signs which advertise pubs, cafes, and businesses throughout the city.  Here are a few of my recent spots!

It’s always coffee time 🙂  Spotted in Hackney.

A talkative bin near Tate Modern.

So they say!

Loved this sign near Holborn!

In Stratford they tell it like it is.

A little south of Kings Cross, the love for Rick Astley is going strong.

I love me a quote and a sign, so this Chalk Farm pub is fine by me!

One-and-a-bit out of five – luckily number 3 is the one I’m rocking.  I like smiling.  It’s my favourite.

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  1. Christielli
    1st July 2015 / 1:02 am

    All those signs are fun! Well, the last one kind of annoys me; I love the body positivity but hate its overall message of superficiality.My Fitbit stopped working. I need to look into this.

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