Life Lately, According To Instagram

Another quick round up of recent fun!  Featuring lots of fashion/home wants from the recent Debenhams AW15 showcase….so much loveliness.  Life right now is approximately 98% exam marking and report drafting, but this is a throwback to half-term based fun!

An end of month job is always filling our the next month’s calendar – it’s a good way to see where the peaks and lulls are!  All done now and hanging up in the kitchen.

Fell in love with this Ben de Lisi bag!  Love a good, roomy bag for autumn – I always seem to be toting eleventy million things around to cope with Lonodn weather!

It’s been a mix of sunshine and showers here (c’mon summer, get with it!) – Fry looooves when the sun dominates 🙂

Hannah and I took a super trip to the Harry Potter Studio Tour – a full post on the whole thing later this month, but I love this shot of us at Hogwarts!  #Team Hufflepuff

Gorgeous flowers…

…made even more gorgeous with the addition of Poppet!

We tried Butterbeer!  It tasted a little bit like a rich cream soda to me.

There’s a whole range of Badger accessories coming from H! by Henry Holland next season.  I am so excited.

The homewares preview was great also – loved this display of glistening copper pans!

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