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June is always a mad, mad month.  Between exams and school and fun and blog adventures, there’s rarely a dull moment.  And if and when some free time does occur, I relish the chance to curl up and relax.

There has been some napping, I cannot lie.

Exam week and activity week are now behind us, and there are three and a half short weeks before summer break, honeymoon, and a brand new beginning…

Here are a few instagrams from my recent adventures.  I love how social media helps chart all the fun:

On Friday M and I went to see Rufus Wainwright at the Royal Chelsea Hospital (home of the Chelsea Pensioners).  The gig itself was wonderful and the venue was sublime, but unfortunately the rain that had been threatening to arrive all week finally did so.  With a vengeance.  Hence the rather fetching frizzy hair I’m sporting above and the delightful matching ponchos!

Rufus was superb live.  I’ve always rated his voice, but live it was even better – soaring, rich, operatic.  He utterly charmed the audience and ran through several of his best known songs (no ’14th Street’ though, alas) as well as new numbers and excerpts from upcoming projects such as his opera Prima Donna and a setting of a Shakesperian sonnet for next years commemoration of 400 years since the Bard’s passing.

He was joined by Neil Tennant of the Pet Shop Boys for ‘Poses’, which was great – two artists I adore in the same space is always a treat.  On ‘California’ he raised laughter by stumbling over lyrics but still charming us entirely.  For me the gig had three stand out songs amongst a glittering field:  ‘Vibrate’, where Rufus’ voice seemed to soar far into the twilight sky above; ‘I Don’t Know What It Is’ was slowed down and sumptuous; and ‘Hallelujah’ was showstopping, it felt so intimate and confessional, like we were part of something sacred, holy.

We are all about the healthy eating right now – salads and smoothies and occasional steak (hey, we’re not saints).  This was our weekly shop on Thursday, the checkout lady even commented on the healthiness of my selections.

Mini win – I’ll take em all!

Our away days in Surrey passed pleasantly, with no rain and plenty of outdoorsy fun.  The lovely Lou also popped over for a cuppa – adore the chance to catch up with any of my lovely friends!

Deep in the woods.  Good for the soul.

One of my boys made me this lovely 4R Badgers Forever badge.  Our class motto is ‘Once A Badger, Always A Badger,’ and now I can wear that with pride.

Yesterday I went to an awesome blog event with Currys and Canon all about photography.  This is an area of my blog I’m keen to develop (haha! Photo based joke) and grow over the next twelve months so the timing was ideal!  I learned so much and left feeling really inspired and empowered.  Full post to follow soon.

Loved meeting this sweet bunny, who I was sorely tempted to bunny-nap.  Softest, softest fur.

I always watch movies or TV shows when doing the ironing, makes the chore far more fun.  I’ve just restarted Gilmore Girls, one of my favourite shows ever.  So funny and sweet.

Exam and report season = spreadsheets agogo.

It’s been unseasonably grey and chilly here in London, so soup has been an option.  Butternut squash and pepper is a family favourite.

Chillier weather means cosy times for kits.  I love when they snuggle up together!

Last weekend we actually caught a glimpse of the orb in the sky and M and I very much enjoyed celebrating the wedding of two of our friends and toasting them at their reception at The Hurlingham Club.  With both champagne and vodka – the groom is Scots-Polish!

And yesterday was World Gin Day – so naturally I had to raise a toast to that too!

More fun to come, I’m sure 🙂


  1. Emma Julia
    15th June 2015 / 5:27 pm

    This sounds like a pretty darn awesome June already!!

    • Claire
      16th June 2015 / 12:17 pm

      It's busy, but such fun 🙂 Hope your June has started well too!

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