Taste of London with AEG

Last week it was the yearly Taste of London festival, held in the beautiful Regent’s Park.  Food suppliers, drink purveyors, restaurants aplenty and kitchenware brands flock to show off their wares to London’s eager foodies.  There are cooking demonstrations, entertainment, and tempting nibbles at every turn.  I was very kindly invited to come along by Currys and AEG, the latter of whom were hosting this year, so Shona and I headed over to see the sights on Saturday.  I love to cook and am always keen to learn new methods, taste new things and source new ingredients and gadgets, so I was very excited to attend!

After collecting our tickets and passes and doing a lap of one half of the stalls (including some incredible craft beer stands and a pavilion of Lindt goodies) we headed over to the VIP tent for a refreshing glass of Laurent-Perrier.  We also picked up our Taste of London recipe books which are full of amazing things to try – I think I’ll be cooking up a few of the savoury options very soon!

Spekaing of savoury, there were so many yummy food options to try.  Shona and I got two ‘Dead Hippie’ burgers from Meat Liquor which were so flavourful and juicy you practically needed a bib.

The festival was buzzing – plenty of people soaking up the atmosphere and sampling the treats available despite the slightly grey weather.  June in London can be so odd weather-wise.

All the walking and sampling can evidently get exhausting!

Everywhere you turned there was another fun thing to try, drink to sip, or gadget to play with.

After an hour or so of pounding the park, Shona and I retired to the AEG area for another glass of fizz and some supremely yummy food, including still-warm-from-the-oven muffins, seen below.  Scrumptious!

Shona and I then headed across to the Let’s Taste Live stage, where we were signed up for a cook-along demo with Jeremy Pang of School of Wok.  With his expert help we whipped up won tons and a delicious venison stir fry.  I love venison (spot the Scot!) but it has never occurred to me to use it in a stir fry – it was delicious!

I was pleasantly surprised at how easy won tons were to make when you broke down the steps!  AEG have a very nifty steam oven which finished off these prawn and spinach beauties perfectly.  We didn’t win the “best won tons in the class” prize (*tear*), but did get a hearty “very good”.  I’ll take it!

Jeremy putting us through our paces.

These AEG induction hobs were amazing!  I’m currently a gas-hob girl but I was very impressed with the control these offered – the ability to control the heat in such a precise manner was great for stirfrying, where you’re dealing with hot temperatures over a short period of time.  I think it would be superb for soups, poaching and sauces too, where you’re reacting to what heat the liquid needs to maintain a boil or a simmer from moment to moment.

I also love the stop/go button – the ability to pause what you were doing when other things claimed your attention is such a clever thing to add.

Yes, I fell a little bit in love with the hob.

AEG’s lovely rep Lizzie snapped this shot of Shona and I before the cooking began.  I love how we look like it’s the first day of school!

My blogger friend Charlie was at Taste too and she took this shot of us after making our venison and broccoli stir fry with a sweet tamarind sauce.  I’m afraid I have no picture of the actual food….because we gobbled it up at a rate of knots!  I’ll definitely be using venison in a stir fry again though – it was perfect, juicy and tasty.  

After washing up and returning our aprons (I almost left with mine on, oops!) we headed out into the festival to buy a few treats (creme brulee and pistachio Lindt bars, anyone?) and then happily wended our way home, full to the brim with good things.

Thank you so much to AEG for kindly giving me the opportunity to attend; we both had a wonderful time!

To see more pictures, news and recipes, check out the hashtag #TakeTasteFurther on social media.

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