Terrace Chapters at the Royal Horseguards Hotel

Last month I was very kindly invited to the Royal Horseguards Hotel for their Terrace Chapters event.  In the hot summer sunshine, what could be more refreshing than cocktails or bubbles in the great outdoors.  After worked I popped into a taxi and headed down to Whitehall to sample what was on offer, and I have to say I had a really splendid time.  The food and drinks were lovely, the space exquisite, and the company charming – the staff and PR team were so helpful and well-informed, and there were lots of fun bloggers in attendance too.  Below are a few snaps I took of the event.

The hotel could not be closer to the middle of things!  Trafalgar Square, Whitehall and the busy-ness of the Embankment are moments away, but the Royal Horseguards Hotel is quiet and calm, tucked away from the hullabaloo.  Lovely.

From the Terrace you could look out over the gardens and spot the London Eye in the near-distance.

The whole space is green and fresh, with lovely pops of colour.  It would be a lovely space for drinks party or a cocktail get-together!

The hotel had some of its marvellous picnic hampers on display.  These are very clever, in that they are bespoke – you can add the items you desire.  Perfect, if like me you have dining companions who avoid a food, or who have special dietary requirements.

There was plenty of Taittinger flowing – such a crisp, lovely drink.

This shows you quite how big the space is.  The bloggers in the distance aren’t even at the end of the terrace, there’s another ten metres or so beyond them!

Marvellous cocktails, including one involving jam.  I think I will have to return to sample that one!

I’m a sucker for a summery basket with a red and white trim.

An ‘Aperol Sorbet Spritz’ – sorbet and bubbles combining into a sweet, refreshing, citrusy delight.

There was an Eton Mess bar too.  You could race against the clock to win a prize, but I take Eton Mess far too seriously and instead spent ages building the best possible pudding.

There were lots of nibbles – I particularly enjoyed this meze selection.  The hummus was gorgeous!

Also great were these mojito licquers. They tasted just like the cocktail, with a chocolatey twist.

There were three different Taittinger varieties available, to pair with different foods.  My favourite was the bottle on the right, the Taittinger Nocturne.  It was mellow and a little less dry, perfect for sipping.

I would recommend the Terrace at the Royal Horseguards Hotel to anyone looking for a smart place for drinks in the centre of town.  As well as the terrace being lovely, the hotel itself was beautiful and well-appointed, and I’m hoping to return there later this year to sample their afternoon tea – I’ve heard great things!  To read more about the Terrace and the Terrace Chapters event, please click here.

I was invited to this event and was hosted for the evening (Thank you!).  All opinions are my own. 

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