Our Honeymoon, Day 2: Investigating the MGM, NYNY, the Venetian and the Wynn (phew!)

At 4am in the morning, I was AWAKE.  Really, properly, totally awake.  I’d been drifting in and out of sleep from about 3am but by 4am I could fight it no more, so I scooped up one of the oh-so-cosy fluffy dressing gowns the MGM Grand had provided us and padded down to the sitting room to watch some Weather Channel.

Sidenote:  I love the Weather Channel.  I’m quite sad we don’t have it showing here in the UK, but am also quite glad because I would be glued to it!

About twenty minutes after this I heard Matthew stirring, so we were both there, in a 24-hour city, wide awake before 5am.  Time to shower and get some room service for breakfast, right?  So that’s what we did, and then we headed off to explore the resort a little.

A quiet MGM meant we had plenty of time to explore….

…..and make friends with dragons.

The sheer range of machines available was staggering.  As well as games like ‘Let’s Make A Deal’ (ultimate guilty pleasure game show) there were slot machines for anything and everything – Ellen, Monopoly, Friends, and brilliantly, one called ‘OMG KITTENS’.  

After exploring the MGM Grand for a good wee while, we walked across the bridge to New York New York for a look around and some gambling.  My gambling adventures started well when I put in ten dollars and walked away with $50!  If only I’d kept those skills up throughout.

After our early morning exploring we headed back to change into smart clothes for a day at the other end of the Strip, exploring the Wynn and the Venetian casinos, and to a lesser degree their neighbours the Encore and the Palazzo.

The Wynn was very glamorous and clearly catering to a wealthy, and perhaps a little older crowd. Opulence all over the shop! We had a wander round and picked up our tickets for the show we’d see later and then headed over to the Venetian.

The Venetian was so cute – we particularly enjoyed the trompe l’oeil ceiling, the gondolas going by, and the opera performances.  We decided we’d rather sit by the canal and watch the gondolas go by than ride on them ourselves, so we had a gorgeous Mexican meal and had a great time people watching.  After lunch we took a walk around the shops (I rarely need persuading to have a nose round Tory Burch) and the casinos, then headed back over to the Wynn.

At the Wynn we enjoyed a coffee at Parasol Down, with the hypnotic parasols above moving gently up and down.  The bar overlooks the ‘Lake of Dreams’, where a giant wall of water cascades into a big, beautiful pool.

After another wander around the casino floors of the Wynn and the Encore, it was time for us to head in to see our show for the evening, Le Reve.  

Matthew got us awesome seats for the perfomance, and it was marvellous to be able to see everything so clearly!  Le Reve includes aerial work, synchronised swimming, dance, clowning, fountains, drama and more besides.  Imagine Cirque de Soleil, with a lake of water involved.  From our seats we also had special little screens where you could see the actors and props and scenery being changed way up in the flies or down beneath the water.  The show was spectacular, truly one of the greatest productions I’ve ever seen!

After a fantastic performance watched from our super comfy seats while snacking on chocolate dipped strawberries and champagne, it was time to head off for dinner.  I was exhausted but managed to keep it together.  Matthew had booked us a table at the SW Steakhouse where we enjoyed some delicious steaks and vegetables before pouring ourselves into a cab to go ‘home’ to the MGM.  We headed to meet Christy and say hello (she came to join us for a few Las Vegas adventures – more to follow on that in the next few posts), and then turned in for the night.

Day three to follow soon – so much to share!


  1. Laura Hartley
    14th August 2015 / 8:58 am

    Looks like you're having an amazing time and these are some AMAZING photos!! Congrats 🙂 Laura @ What's Hot?

    • Claire
      15th August 2015 / 6:34 am

      Thank you! It was amazing.

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