Our Honeymoon, Day 4: Paris, Caesars, and Mariah freaking Carey!!1!1!


Excuse the overexcitement, but it’s Mariah.  She’s on fire.

On Day 4 of the honeymoon poor Matthew was knocked out with a poorly tum, so Christy and I headed off on adventures together.  We planned to hit up Paris and Caesars Palace – surely Vegas is the only place on earth where you can write that!  After a morning of chilling and checking M was okay I headed off to meet Christy to head down to Paris.

I loved the styling at Paris!  Rather like the Venetian, everything took its cues from the city it was modelling itself upon.  There were tricolores and French-style bars and cafés and nods to Gallic stylings left, right and centre.  After a look around the casino Christy and I bought our tickets for a journey to the top of the Eiffel Tower.  Having done the actual Eiffel Tower a few times I thought its half-pint cousin would be a doddle, but it’s still pretty darn high up in the air!

Loved having so much time to hang out with this girl.  She’s a gem.  This is us at the top, with the Bellagio & Caesars behind us.

Amazing views across the city and the mechanics of the Bellagio’s famed fountains.

Up the strip to the mountains.

I thought the London-Eye-esque wheel was fun, but preferred our ways of seeing the view.

A picture of the tower from the walkway we took across….

…to Caesars.  Caesars Palace always makes me think of the time the Simpsons go to Vegas!  We headed across an had a look around before heading to the Bachannal Buffet for dinner.  It’s reputed to be one of the best buffets in Las Vegas, but while we were there, something dawned on me.  I don’t actually like huge buffets that much!  A small one I can enjoy, but there was just something about the size and scale of this one that wasn’t for me.  The food was fine, but it was probably one of the poorest meals I had while away in terms of quality.  And despite the fact that I didn’t overeat (I ate well, but was pretty restrained) I got awful indigestion.

Luckily this lead to me discovering Pepto Bismol, which is brilliant.  After dinner Christy and I headed off for a wee walk – she went for some fresh air, and I went on a quest for tummy meds, Christmas ornaments (each year we add some to the tree from the various places we visit on holidays) and video poker.

Then it was time to get excited.

Because it was Mariah time!

These are our Mariah faces.

Mariah was so huge when I was growing up, when I realised she was playing when we were in Las Vegas I knew I had to go see her.  Long before I became an indie-pop kid in my teens, her version of Without You was the first single I ever bought.

On vinyl.


The concert was so good.  Mariah was in fine voice, her #lambily were TOTALLY up for the night of their lives, and the band & dancers were on point!  A thing I wasn’t anticipating but that I loved  was how funny MC is.  All day Christy and I had been reminiscing about her funny, slightly cheesy videos (fairgrounds with ODB!  Jet skis!  Seducing IT workers!  Bathroom beatdowns!) and the nods to these throughout were brilliant.  Mariah being wheeled on stage in a giant jetski prop was a highlight!  I took a few pics but as it was so shiny and Ms Carey was so spotlit (of course!) they arent’t the best.  Still fun to share though!

Loads and loads of butterflies in the theme.

The stage was so big and bright and the dancers were fab!

 See what I mean about the spolighting?

By eleven it was time to go join the taxi queue to head back the the MGM and a Matthew who was feeling much better.  Below are a couple of snaps of Paris & the Bellagio, taken from the cab home.  Such a fun city!

Next post will be our last full day in Vegas (the first leg, anyways!) before we head off to Hawaii!

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  1. Christielli
    25th August 2015 / 8:17 am

    Mariah was the best! I'm so glad that I got to see her with you, and that you are NOT a friend like drunk woman who had to leave. 😉 Ugh, yah, I think Bacchanal Buffet also taught me that I don't like buffets. NEVER AGAIN.Glad that I braved the fake Eiffel with you!

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