Our Honeymoon, Day 5: Hitting the spa, the gaming and the bar

After the busy-ness of our Paris and Mariah adventures, a gentler day beckoned on day 5 of our adventuring.  Matthew was feeling so much better so I did a Starbucks run for breakfast.  Side note:  I was amazed how many Starbucks we had on this trip.  In a town of enormo buffets, sometimes a coffee and a parfait are exactly what’s required!

We then headed out for a little early gambling in the MGM and NYNY, before I headed off to meet Christy for a ladies afternoon at the spa.

The spa at the MGM Grand is lovely, a real oasis of calm in the frenetic bustle of the casino & resort.  Christy and I both enjoyed lounging around and enjoying the amenities such as the hot pool, the steam room, and the great supply of cheesy magazines.  I had an amazing wrap (my first!) and a gorgeous facial.  My aesthetician, Michelle, was adorable and absolutely amazed that this was my first facial!  Now I’ve had one I’d definitely consider going again – it was lovely to have my skin feel so smooth and pampered. After we’d had all our treatments we found a quiet corner to gossip while snacking on healthy treats (nuts, granolo bars, fruit, teas).  Perfect.

While we were at the MGM, Scentsy were having their enormous ‘Family Reunion’ – there were thousands of men and women in attendance.  Christy and I did our funnest poses next to their sign for posterity.  I have never seen more awesome spangly teeshirts in one space.  Good times!

After that it was time to get dressed for our last evening in Vegas together and packed up for departure the next day.  Christy joined us for drinks on the terrace (which Christy and I insisted on enjoying in our oh-so-cool Mariah Carey cups!) and then we headed down to Hecho en Vegas, the Mexican restaurant at the MGM.  We had a delicious dinner, including a portable guac bar where they come to your table to make your guacamole to your specifications and the obligatory margaritas, which they made in our Mariah cups for us!

Then it was time to rest up; Christy had sensibly gone for a middle of the day flight on the next day, but we had to get up early because on Day 6….Hawaii beckoned!

PS Christy, thank you so much for joining us for this leg of the trip!  We had a whale of a time hanging out with you.


  1. Christielli
    25th August 2015 / 8:19 am

    Spa day was awesome. I'm glad I invested in that instead of gambling or whatever else I could have done with my money!I used my Queen Mariah cup sooooooooooooo often. It's the best souvenir of a fun trip. So glad that I met up with you guys!

  2. Emma Julia
    26th August 2015 / 6:23 am

    What a fun honeymoon!!

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