5 fun ways to celebrate London Fashion Week*

*even if you’re not going to any shows!

Twice a year for a week, the fashionistas of London get very excited about Fashion Week – it’s always a fun time! Beautiful people (and their Ubers) whizzing around town, bevvies of models on the tube (I never feel shorter than I do at this time of year), and pop ups popping up everywhere.  I swear, we are beats away for public loos, tube stations and bus stops getting in on the fun.  Actually, a fashion show in a tube station would be fierce….you read it here first, friends!

Now, many of my bloggy friends are fashion focused, so they are all tres busy attending shows and parties.  I, however, write about fashion on more of an ad hoc basis, being a lifestyle blogger (a little of this, a little of that!), so am a little out of the loop this turnaround.  As I spend more time writing on fashion and on writing this blog in general, I’m hopeful that future fashion weeks will be even more fun.  I’m a great fan of what fashion can do (to paraphrase a movie we’ll discuss later, “Fashion is art you live your life in”) and think it’s a fascinating arena to explore and write about.  As I get a little older my confidence is growing and I’m more willing to take risks in what I wear and how I wear it; it’s a fun season!

For this fashion week, however, I’ve put together this list of 5 fun ways to celebrate London Fashion Week – even if you’re not going to any shows!

1. Indulge in a little pampering

Lots of salons and shops are offering special treatments for the duration of LFW.  I opted for the super fun  Four London popup, where they are doing blow-dries over breakfast (other time slots are available!) at the always fabulous Sketch.  I went for a blowdry and braid yesterday morning and loved it – I got many compliments throughout the day and no fewer than three shop assistants asking me how I’d done my hairband braid (I sheepishly had to own I’d had it done for me ;)).

2. Pop into a pop-up

Many brands and stores launch pop-ups at this point in the year.  I’m excited to head down to Dawn O’Porter’s BOB pop-up on Carnaby Street, which opens today and runs till mid October!

3. Drink up

Many bars, hotels and restaurants will do menus and cocktails with a twist to entice the stylish set.  I’m looking forward to heading over to The Riding House CafĂ© for one of their fashion week cocktails….The Basic Bitch, The Nobody, the Only Show Her Back and the Reverse Beyonce all sound delicious and delightfully fashionable!

4. People watch

Seriously, there are fashion editors, fashion bloggers, models and celebs all over Soho.  Plonk thyself down in a comfy spot and enjoy the show!  Wandering around Liberty yesterday I saw a healthy chunk of fashion’s who’s-who in the scarves and umbrellas department (sudden London showers will have that impact – got to look after those blow-dries!).

5. Curl up with a book, a movie, or a magazine

After a day of working the catwalk, the event cycle, or the pavement, you’ll be tired!  Why not add a little fashion fabulosity to your down time?  All the major magazines have their September issues on the stands and it’s a feast of prettiness.  I adore a good fashion book too, and would highly recommend 100 Dresses, by Harold Koda; Isabella Blow, by Martina Rink; or Stylist: The Interpreters of Fashion by Sarah Mower; all are interesting reads with stunning photography. Inspiring. If, however, you’re far too tired for something so cerebral, why not curl up with a fashion-heavy film like The September Issue, Sex and the City or Confessions of a Shopaholic?  I know I’ll be enjoying a viewing of The Devil Wears Prada (the big daddy of recent-ish fashion films) in the not too distant.

Vive la Streep!

Whatever you decide to do, enjoy this fun week in town, and don’t forget to do so fabulously!

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