Our honeymoon, the last few days….

It has been such fun writing up our honeymoon.  It’s reminded me a little of after a long school trip, this little project, where the teachers make you write up everything.  Except this has been super fun, the pictures are all ready to go on devices various (rather than collected from Boots, never quite sure if the photos had worked or not), and this is all out there on the web rather than in a scraggly exercise book.  Man, school was fun.

After over two weeks of being in holiday mode, our last couple of days in Las Vegas were the perfect mix of chilled, exciting, and lovely.  We headed down to Fremont Street and the older part of town, and played plenty of cards.  We took a helicopter trip to the Grand Canyon which was spectacular.  We enjoyed our suite at the Aria, took the chance to enjoy some great food and cocktails, and discovered the wonder that is the The Big Bang Theory slot machine!  Here are some shots from a lovely last few days on honeymoon.

Warning, oh-so-many photos.  But life is busy and I wanted to wrap up the honeymoon posts by the end of this month…..so here we go!

Anywhere I wore this shirt in the US, it got love.  It’s also hella comfy!

Down on Fremont Street, playing video blackjack (Matthew approves), drinking Shiner Bock (Jenna approves), watching the Jays (Christy approves).

A restaurant in a train – so fun!

After a funfilled day in ‘old’ Vegas we headed back to the hotel.

Loved having so much space!  This was the dining room/kitchen – I’ve had smaller than this in some homes.

The telephone system was a thing of beauty.  Room service keys make me laugh and think of Dylan Moran – “I control sandwich monkey!”  The room service at the Aria was amazing, so helpful.  

Lovely sitting room for curling up with a book and a glass of wine when you need a little Vegas break!

Even the bathroom had some impressive views!

The view from our sitting room.

We had a nice chilled evening of gambling and cocktails, went to see the Bellagio fountains, then had a little room service and a cracking night’s sleep.

The next day Matthew went to check out Paris and Caesars – he’d been poorly for these in the first leg of our Vegas trip.  I, meanwhile, took a car (an Escalade, in fact – I felt like a Real Housewife!)…..to Target.  Target is such fun, so I always try to visit whenever I’m stateside.

This glass made me smile and think of Miss Christy – she loves a patio!

Texed this pic to Matthew as a winning score at blogger bingo – Target + frappuccino!  Please excuse the rough cuticles; to quote Mean Girls, my nail beds suck!

Once I’d got back in my sweet, sweet ride it was time to get changed and jump in a limo (because Vegas) to our helicopter flight out to the Grand Canyon.  As it was the last evening of the honeymoon we really wanted to do something special!  These shots are a little jumbled as the route was circular, but the views are nonetheless awesome.  Plus a few silly shots, of course!

Shot from the floor of the Grand Canyon.


You could see for such huge distances!

Prerequisite selfies.

The helicopters were so cool and the journey surprisingly smooth.  I had worried I might freak out a little, but my inner RAF-brat kicked in and I loved all the air journeys we took.

The Hoover Dam.

Lake Las Vegas.

The rock formations and topography were something else!

We stopped to refuel at Grand Canyon airport, right on the edge of the Canyon itself.

As we came into Vegas at the end of the trip, the lights were just starting to twinkle and the sunset was glowing over the mountains.

The Stratosphere.

Paris & Caesars.

New York New York and the MGM – I’m afraid those last few shots were a little blurry due to some last minute bumpiness!

I *loved* the The Big Bang Theory machine.  I was quite relieved I discovered it late in the trip or I think I could have spent hours playing – as well as the conventional elements there are all sorts of extra challenges and logic games.  Fun!

As it was our last evening we went for a nice dinner at Julian Serrano, the tapas restaurant in the Aria.  So, so good!  I adored the chorizo with mashed potatoes and honey; Matthew loveds the jalapenos!

 Good night, Britney.

Good morning, Britney!

And then, all of a sudden, it was time to head home.  It had been a magical trip, but I think after 19 days we were both looking forward to seeing family, friends and cats, and enjoying a proper cup of tea!

Gorgeous views at take off.

Beautiful morning skies.

And home.

What an amazing holiday!  I’m such a lucky badger.

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  1. Angie Silver
    31st January 2016 / 8:26 pm

    We finished our honeymoon in Vegas too, what a fun time!

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