Our Honeymoon, days 12 & 13

More Kauai based fun.  It truly was a little slice of heaven!

After a yummy breakfast at Koa Kea we got a taxi across to Port Allan, where we enjoyed some beers at the Kauai Island Brewery – Matthew and I shared one of their awesome beer flights.  The drink he’s supping above was called ‘the Fonz’ – hence the pose!

As the most westerly brewery on earth, it truly is the last beer before tomorrow!

Nobody has more fun!  After our drinks we crossed over to Captain Andy’s, as we were heading off on a cruise along the beautiful Na’pali coast.  This northern region of Kauai is breathtaking and it was so wonderful to be able to journey along it with our lovely crew and fellow passengers.  We only managed a few snaps as we were busy enjoying the scenery and getting very wet – we opted to travel in the ‘splash zone’ at the front of the boat – so fun!  We were getting soaked with fresh spray and crashing through the waves at pace; absolutely thrilling.

So pretty.

Ha!  I think this shot shows quite nicely how mad the wind and waves were 🙂

The views were breathtaking, and I quite enjoyed drinking them in without fussing about photos.  We saw wildlife too – turtles, spinner fish, and monk seals.

We got back to the hotel and went for a dip in the pool – lovely tepid water for a late night swim.

The next morning we decided to have breakfast on our balcony, which was a lovely way to start the day – fresh fruit, delicious lemon muffins, coffee and juice, while the waves lapped below.

I don’t think I’d ever tire of this view!

On this day we had planned to go on a coach trip up to Waimea Canyon, but I was wiped out.  Instead Matthew went off adventuring and I opted for a chill day at the hotel.  I knew we’d be seeing Waimea on our aeroplane tour too so I wasn’t too cut up about it, and I was shattered!

I spent the morning reading on the balcony and napping in our insanely comfortable bed, and by lunchtime was feeling much more human.  I did some laundry, booked a spot for dinner, and then headed to the pool bar for some lunch, a beer and a catch up on some celebrity gossip… 

Matthew arrived back mid-afternoon as I was curled up watching Pretty Woman.  We both got washed up and changed ready for dinner, then headed down to the bar at the hotel for a drink before dinner.

Matthew opted for a rum based cocktail, while I asked for my signature drink (Tanqueray 10 martini, extra dry, straight up with a twist).  I can confirm it’s just as delicious on Hawaiian Standard Time.

For dinner I’d booked us a table at the gorgeous Beach House restaurant in nearby Poipu.  It was utterly splendid to enjoy a sumptuous meal in such wonderful surroundings.

Sipping champagne with the favourite as the last rays of the day faded away = perfection.

After dinner we repaired to our hotel for a nightcap.  I decided to try a traffic light of martinis, while Matthew raised a glass to his partner in whiskey adventuring with a Lagavulin 16.

Two more beautiful days.  Full and happy, it was time for us to retire.


  1. Elephant's Child
    15th September 2015 / 10:22 pm

    Love those views. And your happy faces.

    • Claire
      16th September 2015 / 8:59 am

      Thank you! Such a special trip.

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