Recent Reads: The Versions of Us, Primates of Park Avenue, and Love You Better

One of the things I was very excited to have a little more time for in this season is reading.  I’ve always been an avid reader (family legend being that I’d read the cereal packets at the table at breakfast, just to keep reading), but over the last eighteen months or so my pace had slowed and my enjoyment dipped.  There always seemed to be something else to do….such is 21st century life!  Now, however, I’m making a real effort to carve out time for reading, and I feel so much better for it.  Here are some quick reviews for three of my recent reads.

Note:  I have used affiliate links to the books – I always try to declare this so if you’d prefer not to click on these you can avoid.

I really enjoyed this book, which has shades of Sliding Doors and The Time Traveller’s Wife to it – multiple strands of events, interconnected but independent.  If you’ve ever wondered ‘what if’ or thought of that one moment that changes everything, I think you’ll enjoy this book.  Laura Barnett tells three separate love stories beautifully, and the denouement managed to be uplifting, touching and sad (I recommend tissues).  It’s already been optioned for TV/film and I can understand why, it’s a cracking read!

This book was a real mixed bag of genres – part memoir, part anthropological study, part humour – but it really works.  Wednesday Martin’s observations of a very specific ‘tribe’ (the mothers of the Upper East Side) makes for an interesting read and is also an interesting way of how we in the WEIRD cultures (Western, Educated, Industrialised, Rich, Democratic) parent, and how removed it is from what we’ve done for centuries previously.  I found this an entertaining read, with a moving final third – Martin writes eloquently of a personal sadness and shone a light on many of the things which bond us all as humans (and primates).

I was invited to a book launch for Love You Better  last week and have devoured the book over the last few days.  Part thriller, part romance it’s a book that keeps you guessing, with well-drawn characters.  It’s doing well on the amazon charts, and I’d recommend it as an interesting read – I might not have picked it up in a shop by was glad to experience it after being gifted a copy.  You never know where a book will take you, right?

The next three books on my list are:

  • The Woman Who Stole My Life, by Marian Keyes
  • I Know How She Does It, by Laura Vanderkam
  • Finding Audrey, by Sophie Kinsella

What are you reading?

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