Golfing (for beginners)

I like to think that all humans are filled with little undiscovered pockets of hidden talent.  I didn’t know how much I liked to dance until I did musical theatre at uni.  I wasn’t aware of my hilarious capabilities at hiphop karaoke until a fateful day at Bloomsbury Bowl.  And I constantly forget quite how much I know about bad, bad, cheesey movies until a question comes up in a pub quiz and I’m the only person / loser / genius (delete as applicable) who knows the answer…

With that in mind, I love to try out new skills.  I’ll take a class, try a new skill, work on a project and generally get stuck in to most challenges.  You never know what thing you might try and actually have an affinity for!

Such fun to golf with Canary Wharf and the o2 glistening in the middle distance on either side of us!

So when Monarch invited me to try golfing at the N1 golf driving range in North Greenwich, I was pleased to confirm my attendance.  The killer combo of a new skill to try, a fun venue close to my east London beat, and a chance to finally try the sport so beloved of my home region was a heady mix.  The area of Moray, where my parents live and where I spent a good swathe of my childhood and teens, is famed for many things, but two especially: whisky distilleries and golf courses!  The whisky I’ve taken full advantage of, but the golfing had elluded me up till now.  Monarch fly to many of Europe’s top golfing destinations, so the venue was a genius pick.

The whole event was great fun with a lovely group of bloggers as well as reps from Monarch and Talented Talkers who were running the evening.  I saw plenty of familiar faces but also caught up with some great new bloggers too – the mix was awesome.  When we arrived at the venue we were greeted with a glass of fizz and sheperded into Vinothec Compass, the lovely restaurant at the complex.  Once we were all settled ut was time to head out the the driving range and test out our skills.

After a brief introduction we were off.  I teamed up with Laura, Fran, and Adriana to test our driving skills.  Laura, Fran and I were all utter beginners, but Adriana had some pretty fierce skills!  I’m sad to report that golf is not one of my hidden talents, but over the course of the evening I did improve, graduating from thwanging the club into the floor mid swing to actually getting the ball airborne.  My longest drive was a respectable, if hardly stellar 56 metres, but it was great fun to try and I think I’ll probably come back another time with Matthew to see if I can improve further!

Laura working on form

Check out the stance on Adriana!

Fran getting into it


Towards the end of the session there was a competition to see who could achieve the longest drive, with the two best efforts winning flights to and from a destination (of the winners choice) in Spain or Poturgal!  As I was clearly enormously outclassed I pacified myself with some of the delicious tapas which arrived at the same time and a catch up with with some lovely bloggers I hadn’t seen in a while.


Once the competition was done we all retired to the restaurant for more yummy food and some beer and wine tasting.  I sat with the lovely Roma and Jess, who were such fun. I was delighted to realise they are east Londoners too, and am hoping to meet them for a Stratford coffee before too long.   We ate, drank and chatted and whiled away the evening very pleasantly.

We were served a selection of fresh, yummy tapas…

…this beef was perfection, juicy and gorgeously flavoured.

Thank you so much to Monarch & Talented Talkers for a great event, and to N1 Golf and Vinothec Compass for hosting us so beautifully.  I may not have discovered a hidden talent, but I certainly found a hidden gem!

Disclaimer:  I was hosted at this event and received my golfing session, food and drinks for free.  All opinions, as per usual, are enturely my own.

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