Most read posts in September

It’s always fun to see which posts do well in a given month – I also think these roundups are pretty useful if you don’t have much time to read a particular blog (heaven knows there are lots of them out there!) and want to catch the highlights!

Here are this week’s top ten (and a bonus item at the bottom.  Ooooooooooooh).

1. My post on alternative ways to enjoy London Fashion Week tops the month’s chart!

2. Days 14 & 15 of our honeymoon, with the gorgeous views over Kuaui, did well.

3. Thinking about weight and self-worth and numbers hits third for the month.

4. Poppet sneaks into the chart again!  I must see if she can do some fresh posts.  That cat is popular!

5. My ‘I Love Your Blog’ featuring the adorable Little Miss Katy proved pretty darn popular this September.

6. My Pinterest inspired Autumn Inspiration was clearly what some people needed while enjoying an autumnal beverage.  Love this time of year!

7. Some people have been looking up vintage ‘I Love Your Blogs’ (I think they are suggested beneath others in the series) and have got to know the gorgeous Emily of Under A Glass Sky a little better!

8. Monday Funday from the middle of the month with plenty of silliness as always.  I’d love for you to link up if the fancy takes you!

9. As I’m intending to write more and more about books, I was pleased to see my latest Recent Reads post in the ten for the month.

10. A Life Lately round up from June sneaks in.  I must do more of these this month – so much fun on the horizon!

One of my favourite pieces I’ve been blogging for September was actually elsewhere.  As my sidebar shows, I’m part of the Time Out Blogger Network here in London, and my first piece went live last week:  5 Autumn Park (and Pub) Walks.  Such fun to be part of this!

Wishing you all a super October….what do you have planned for this month?

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