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Pretty, pretty headphones

A couple of weeks ago I was kindly invited to an event by Sennheiser and Currys PC World in deepest, darkest. decadent Mayfair. To showcase the latest Sennheiser range and the technology behind it, the team from Joe Blogs invited a host of bloggers to an event at Noir, a very trendy spot just a stone’s throw from Selfridges to try out the products (beautiful headphones as far as the eye could see…), learn a little about the vinyl resurgence, and even try our hands at deejaying!

I’ve been aware of Sennheiser for a good long while, and have used their earphones for the past six years – Matthew is a huge fan of them and the sound quality they offer, so within a year of knowing him and hearing him evangelise about the noise-cancelling properties (so good in a busy, noisy city like London); their lack of sound-bleed (that’s a Claire-ism, I think.  I’m not sure that’s an actual word…?  Answers on a postcard, please), meaning I could enjoy my Taylor Swift / Biffy Clyro / Glenn Medeiros on the tube without disturbing the other commuters; the warm, full sound quality; and the incredible hardwearing nature of the products (always good when you can be a little hard on your headphones.  I know I am – in and out of bags, pockets, etc.) he soon had me joining the team!

John the Baptist on the decks as the party started

At the event we got to try out the headphones from the Momentum 2.0 range, which were amazing – they look really chic as well as delivering great sound quality.  It was fun to see the whole range and listen to our own music through them.  I can attest that the Foo Fighters, Muse, and Hanson all sound great through the ‘phones!

Throughout the evening we had lots of lovely cocktails, drinks and canap├ęs, which kept everyone fuelled up.  The mini sliders looked awesome but were so popular I could only blog them from a distance.  A signature cocktail with jalapeno in the mix had us all guessing what that extra ingredient could be, and then the friendly bar staff kept us topped up with wine and beer.  It was fun to catch up with so many fun bloggers!

I loved the ivory headphones – so subtle and stylish

John the Baptist taught some mini-masterclasses on deejaying, and some of the bloggers may have found a second career – beats were dropping left, right and centre.  I also enjoyed hearing from the lovely team at Juno Records about their adventures in vinyl – I loved the multicoloured special editions from an aesthetic point of view too – so cheerful and fun!

Thanks to Joes Bloggers, Sennheiser and PC World for a fun and informative evening.  I’m so excited to try out my new earphones when they arrive and am sure the Momentum 2.0 range will be another great success.  Bring on the commute!

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  1. Riot Kitty
    5th October 2015 / 8:03 pm

    There is a DJ called St. John the Baptist?

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