My Christmas Gift Guide 2015, Part 1

As my post last week demonstrated, I’m a big fan of getting Christmas organised and planned slowly and steadily.

While December is heavy on entertaining, volunteering, visiting, wrapping gifts and celebrating, November is full of preparations – from making cards to sorting fun for December to selecting gifts for near and dear.  I love to give gifts (always have!), so this year I thought I’d do a few posts on the gifts I’ve seen while shoping around – we can all use a little Christmas inspiration, right?  I’ve divided them by cost, and included some homemade options too!

I hope you might find a little something for the loved ones in your life.  Just a bit of fun – I hope it’s useful.

Homemade gifts

I haven’t specified a cost for these as this will depend on what you have at home, quantities you’re making etc..  I love handmade gifts and have been lucky enough to be gifted a number of homemade treasures over the years.

I’m going to make my first attempt at a chutney this year – and this Apple and Cranberry version from BBC Good Food is the recipe I’ll be trying.  How yummy does this sound with cold cuts and cheese?

This homemade heat pad from Alice & Lois would be such a sweet gift for a friend who feels the cold!

I love making Christmas hampers – I adore how you can change the size, theme and contents depending who you are making them for. These hampers made by Cate over at Vintage Gal are superb.

If you love to knit, Chrissy at One Crafty Place has compiled a fantastic list of 25 great gifts to knit for a child – Christmas is still over six weeks away, so you’ve lots of time to knit a little magic!

Nancy at My Cotton Creations is such a talented seamstress – I love her clear and helpful instructions for make your own pyjama pants for children up to age eight.  How cute would these look on Christmas morning?

These sweet and savoury butters featured on I Heart Naptime sound scrumptious and super easy (and fun!) to put together.  Gift with some homemade bread, perhaps?

Under £5

For more great gifts in this price range I’d take a visit to great stores like Tiger & Poundland which do super stuff for less cash, but who don’t advertise widely online.

I love a good bubble bath, so I’d be delighted to find some Radox (90p, Asda and other supermarkets) in my stocking!

I love Paperchase’s ‘London Christmas style this year – this fun pen in the design (£1.50) would be fun as part of a stationery gift.

Candy Sushi (£3, Asda) would be a super stocking stuffer.

Mog The Forgetful Cat (£3.49 on amazon, also available at all good book stores!) is one of my favourite books for little ones.

These skull festooned sticky notes (£3.50, Paperchase) are fun.

After Eights are so yummy!  This tin (£4, Asda) would make a great gift for a colleague or neighbour.

I just love this Olaf onesie! (£4, George at Asda)  So sweet for a small one, definitely worth melting for.

This fun banana pencil case (£5, Paperchase) would make the perfect stocking filler.

I love writing notes and letters.  I think that this ‘Day at the Zoo‘ set (£5, Paperchase) would make a superb gift.

£5 – £10

Hairy McClary from Donaldson’s Dairy (£5.24, on amazon, also available at all good book stores!) is a super story for kids, with awesome rhymes.

A desktop skip (£6, Debenhams) for your resident scruff bot.

I am a big fan of witty, charming writers….and one such writer was the incomparable Nora Ephron.  Her collection I Feel Bad About My Neck (£6.39on amazon, also available at all good book stores!) is a great selection of short stories.

I like this ‘Keys to The Man Cave‘ keyring (£7, etsy).  Perhaps I need one to hold the keys to the Claire Lair?

I first read The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin (£7, on amazon, also available at all good book stores!) in 2011, when it was first released.  It’s a great non-fiction read and is great for anyone who is thinking of making a few changes – whether big or small!

My Cat Likes to Hide in Boxes (£7, on amazon, also available at all good book stores!) is a firm favourite children’s book in our family, for obvious reasons!

As a fully paid up member of the Tina Fey fanclub, I devoured her book, Bossypants (£7, on amazon, also available at all good book stores!) when it first came out and I think it’s a great gift for a girlfriend or sister.  Funny, wise and full of wit, it’s a fabulous read.

These pom-pom ballet socks (£9.50, Marks and Spencer) look so toasty.

Ryan Gosling as motivation?  This teeshirt (£9.54, etsy) would be a fun gift for an athletic Gosling fiend.

A lovely diary for the new year is a great gift.  I love this owl diary from Paperchase (£10).

I love this little fox purse (£10, Debenhams).  And these silver cufflinks (£10, Debenhams) too.

I’m a bit of a geography geek and I love to play games with friends – these Mapominoes (£10, John Lewis) look brilliant!

Like any good Scotswoman, I love my porridge (particularly when it’s cold outside!).  This porridge mug (£10, Lakeland) looks such fun for anyone else who likes their oats.

I know lots of keen cyclists who would be sure to enjoy this Bike Snob (£10, John Lewis) book!

£10 – £20

This ‘I Love You To The Moon And Back‘ onesie (£10.55, etsy) would be very cute for a little one.

I adore all things cat inspired.  So these pyjamas (£15, George at Asda) would be sure to make me – or any cat lover – purr!

Star Wars is bound to be big news this Christmas season with the new film arriving.  As an aside, I AM SO EXCITED.  Anyway, what could be cuter than a newborn dressed as R2D2 (£15, etsy)?  Similarly, if you have a rebel in the kitchen, why not treat him or her to this Han Solo apron (£15, Debenhams)?

I often worry I’m losing my way amongst the piles of paperwork.  Perhaps a compass paperweight (£17.50, Marks and Spencer)  would solve this problem?

Molton Brown’s Black Pepper scent is lovely – I love this cracker gift set (£20, John Lewis) containing products in this scent.

I think little folk would love this wooden activity cube (£20, George at Asda).

£20 – £50

A classic leather wallet (£30, Clarks) would be a great gift ‘for him’.

This Bauble Hamper (£30, Lakeland) is packed with treats and would make a lovely gift for family or friends.

A cosy pair of slippers would be a great gift – these Clarks ones (£30) are a classic style and would be bound to last for years.

I adore this cute & quirky dress for a little girl to twirl in (£35, Boden).

This beautiful flowered watch (£35) from Monsoon would be a lovely gift for a gilrfriend or partner.

£50 or more 

An amazing camera would make a superb gift – this Canon Powershot (£220, amazon) has a tonne of bells and whistles!

Have you done any Christmas shopping yet?


  1. Elephant's Child
    9th November 2015 / 9:36 pm

    No Christmas shopping yet. I am, as usual, running behind. Even worse, I make Christmas cakes for family and friends, and have yet to put the fruit in to soak in rum and brandy. Something I hope to get to next week. This one is flat chat.

    • Claire
      10th November 2015 / 6:22 pm

      There's lots of time left – I'm a planner so I enjoy doing things little and often. How lucky your family & friends are to have you make their Christmas cakes!

  2. River
    10th November 2015 / 7:21 am

    I haven't started any Christmas shopping and probably won't for a while. We're not so big on Christmas, all the grandkids are grown and what they prefer best is cash, one is saving for her wedding, another for a European holiday and so on, so cash is what I'll be giving. When the kids were all young, I'd start my Christmas shopping right after Easter, putting things on lay-by and then hiding the gifts in the high cupboard they couldn't reach. It was so much fun.

    • Claire
      10th November 2015 / 6:23 pm

      That sounds like great fun! We are not the biggest spenders on Christmas by any means, but I do like to give gifts (I actual like to do so throughout the year).

  3. Vintage Gal
    10th November 2015 / 1:26 pm

    Thank you for linking to my Christmas hampers post, it's much appreciated. You seem much more prepared from Christmas than I am, I haven't done a thing! x

  4. jbistheinitial
    10th November 2015 / 6:35 pm

    Every year I put "make Christmas hampers" onto my to-do list, and every year I fail! This year won't be the year I crack it – I'm working 60+ hours a week between now and Christmas – but next year, maybe…

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