Checking in!

A catch up post.

Made up entirely of gifs.

Oh yes.

I’ll write about our awesome, relaxing, sunny break in Mogán in a few days, but for now, let’s turn to December, shall we?

On the one hand, it’s December!  Presents and parties and goodwill and fun!

On the other hand, it’s December: HOW IS THERE SO MUCH TO DO???

It feels like my diary is full to the brim (love that, actually! I get to see so many of my favourite folk!), but I’m still making time to weep at Christmas movies, adverts and shows.  John Lewis:

There’s also the combo of late finishes and early mornings to rock out.  For example, on Wednesday Matthew and I went to the JLL’s awesome Boutique de Noel (a huge well done, Ainsley and team – you rocked it out so hard!  What a great way to celebrate the League and the festive season while making lots of money to support our mission).  We stayed late then journeyed back to fabulous east London and finally turned in at well past twelve….

….I was then up at six and IN ASDA by 6.45am.  Crazy, crazy December times.

As well as the festive planning, I’ve also been thinking a lot about the future…the next few weeks, the next few months, the next few years.  Sometimes my brain is all “Girl, you’ve got this!” (my brain is sassy and confident)….at other times I descend into a Rory Gilmore phase….

 But I’m hard to dissuade from fun times in December.

Speaking of fun times, I need to give a shoutout to my gorgeous Bangarang crew right now.  Erica, Charlie, Charley, Milly, Katy, Ashleigh, Katie and Jasmin are all bloggers who I’ve got to know well over the last couple of years and they are so supportive, funny, and talented.  Their WhatsApp chats, super posts (and constant Mean Girls quoting) make me smile on the daily.

I’ve been enjoying being back in London and getting back into the swing of things.  I went to a really thought-provoking beauty event last night organised by the lovely Hayley of London Beauty Queen – more on that soon but the panel and the discussion amongst the bloggers in attendance really inspired me!  Confidence, beauty, blogging, keeping things real…stirring stuff.

As well as the running around, I’ve been making sure that reading, walking, and my SAD lamp all factor in the schedule.  Self care has to be a priority at this time of the year, right?  I think if you possibly can, you should carve out a few pockets of time for yourself.

Yesterday I put up the first of our three Christmas trees.

The tree was an early birthday present from my parents, who know I am a Christmas fiend.  Next week I’ll decorate everything else in the house, but it’s nice to have some Christmassy decorations up.

I’ve been thinking a lot about positivity and negativity in the online space recently.  In  a week where we saw trolls get all IRL, it’s been playing on my mind a lot.  I think part of the great thing about digital spaces is that we can all carve out a niche and take part, but the pure hate that explodes here, there and everywhere at times is scary.  I think it’s something worth discussing too – I’ve read posts where bloggers have dismissed people as haters/trolls for simply disagreeing with them, but I think that muddies the waters.  Real trolling is vile, but I think when we call someone who shares a different opinion a troll simply for the act of not awarding us headpats we take away from those struggling with real, actual trolls.  Just my tuppence worth of course, and my main point would always be:

 Kevin Gnapoor is a wise, wise man.

 So in short, life is good, life is busy, and life is thinky.

I have so many fun posts to share over the next few weeks – travel and books and Secret Santa and fun and London and silliness.  But for now:

Have a great day, you splendid folk!

PS I had nowhere to use this gif, but I love Sue from Veep, so enjoy:

PPS Also, holiday time me, true story:

PPPS Congratulations to Maureen M, who won my Christmas movies giveaway! Your prize is in the post and on its way!


  1. The Wardrobe Angel
    6th December 2015 / 1:00 pm

    Loving the GIFs!!! Especially the 30 ROCK ones!!

    • Claire
      7th December 2015 / 9:53 am

      Thank you! Liz Lemon is my spirit animal.

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