Glam Clam Meat Slam*

*I find the title of today’s post is even more fun if you sing it along to this.

I am very lucky to have some great friends who are bloggers too.  I’m even luckier that some of these friends are bloggers in London, which is great – at most events I go to there’s at least a friendly face or two, and I’m so grateful to be part of a community that’s so supportive and fun.  Imagine my delight, then, when earlier this month the gorgeous crew at Talented Talkers reached out to me to see if I’d be interested in attending a blogger night out with a difference.  An evening of silliness, food and fun, and the chance to try out a new financial product to boot.

As many of us will know from group events, a kitty is often the way to sort funds.  Everyone puts in their share, and then a lucky soul gets nominated to be in charge of the cash (for some mystical reason, this cash almost always ends up being stashed in a pint glass).  It’s a great wee system, but you can end up with coins aplenty by about 11pm.  Those clever folk at Santander had clearly been left with a pocket full of coppers at the end of the night before, because they’ve designed an app called KiTTi – just like the old method, but done electronically via the app, and the money then loaded onto a prepaid card.  We used the card for booking, and paying for meals and drinks.

Now the science part is over, on to the fun!  We were a merry group of ten for our Saturday night on the town, and it was such fun to catch up with Charlie, Ashleigh, Katy, Erica, Milly, Charley & Angela and to meet Natasha and Emsy.  We decided that as we were partying the weekend before Christmas we wanted to a) wear glittery outfits, and b) do something festive, if not madly Christmassy.  After dozens of emails and hundreds of WhatsApp messages we finally decided on a venue for our meal and our entertainment.  

We enjoyed a meal of meats and veggies and cocktails at Q Grill in Camden before heading up to The Glam Clam in Tufnell Park to party with some cabaret and drag queens.  We did consider eating at The Glam Clam, where Gizzi Erskine had put together a lovely five-course fish heavy menu, but a couple of the group don’t like fish and I get reactions to scallops and some shellfish, so we thought we’d steer clear!

These Plum and Lychee SMASH cocktails were delicious, and dangerous.  Definitely teh kind of cocktail where your brain gets convinced you are sipping juice!

Erica providing some lighting for our foodie shots – what a gem!

Butternut squash hummus with feta, and chargrilled flatbreads served in a cute little toast rack.

So fun to hang out with gorgeous girls like Katy and Ashleigh and get all excited about the festive season to come!

Forgive the awful lighting – I thought this pic of Charlie and I was fun – she’s such a cutie and soooo clever!

On one side of me Charlie had beef hash….

….while Erica went for ribs.  So much deliciousness!

Butterfish, and cornbread waffles with maple butter.

After eating a large amount of food, we paid up (thanks, KiTTi) and headed off to Tufnell Park.  We decided to walk, but Charlie, Ashleigh and I jumped onto a bus halfway there – heels, man.

Charley wins by taking a clam shaped purse to a venue named The Glam Clam.  We had so much fun at the show!  The wine flowed, many moves were busted, Shirley Bassey was bae and the drag queens were fabulous and too much fun!

Ashleigh (above) and Milly (below) making friends.

The cabaret and the performers were something else – this version of ‘The Lady Is A Tramp’ was like nothing I’d seen or heard before!

Thank you so much to Q Grill and The Glam Clam for a hilarious get-together, and to KiTTi for helping it to happen.

Disclaimer, because tranparency suits me:  This evening was paid for by KiTTi/Santander, with a nominal amount from my own pocket.  All opinions, dancing, and drag queen leg envy are my own.

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