My Christmas Playlists: Sacred & Choral Music

Can you believe how speedily Christmas is approaching?  One of my favourite jobs to do in advance is to mix up a few playlists of favourite Christmas tracks for entertaining, present wrapping, baking and decorating.  A couple of weeks ago I posted my ‘pop’ playlist, and last week I shared my ‘entertaining‘ one. Now it’s time to share my favourite music from the sacred and choral canon.  In the olden days (so, the 1990s and the noughties) I’d make these into mixtapes or mix CDs.  In our modern, digital world that’s a little old school so instead please enjoy a youtube mix:

Or click through to enjoy this mix over on spotify! No Carrie on this mix due to availability and some of the versions are different….but it should still be a good listen.

I hope you enjoy the mix.

Will you be going to church or attending a carol concert this Christmas?

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  1. LuxuryColumnist
    16th December 2015 / 12:06 pm

    Thanks for such an interesting selection of songs. I used to go to a carol service that a friend performed in but she's no longer in it so will think about visiting another church

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