Recipe post: Lemony Chicken Casserole

Last Friday night I was not sure what I fancied for supper.

I knew what I didn’t want – takeaway, fast food, or anything fried.  With an early flight the next morning and far too many calories consumed (and enjoyed!) on holiday earlier in the week, I was keen for a nice, homecooked, veggie-heavy meal.  This is what I came up with – we enjoyed this so much that I thought I’d share the recipe. Good wholesome food, and a doddle to put together, plus an opportunity to try out my lovely new cast iron pot from George.

Do let me know if you try it; I love when an invented recipe works out so well.  I didn’t even take step-by-step shots as I was improvising, but it’s so simple they are truly not required.

Lemon Chicken Casserole (serves 2, could very easily be doubled, halved etc.)


2 chicken breasts
1 green pepper
1 carrot
1 onion
A dozen new potatoes
A dozen cherry tomatoes
25 ml white wine (optional)
250 ml chicken stock
Juice of half a lemon
Olive oil
Herbs (we used rosemary and thyme, but whichever ones you prefer with chicken would work well)
Salt and pepper


1.  Put your oven on to heat at 160 degrees C (320 F).

2. Place your oven and hob ready pot on a medium heat.  Add olive oil, chicken breast, salt and pepper.

3. I added sliced onions, green peppers and sliced carrot next, in 2-3 minute stages. Chop as you go, turning the chicken over with each ingredient introduced.  This sealed the meat nicely, and gave each veggie a chance to get some of the heat, as well as stirring everything in nicely.

4. Add your herbs and your lemon juice to the pot.  Stir in.

5. Scrub your new potatoes and add them to the pot.  Pour in your wine and stock. Stir in.

6. Lastly, add your cherry tomatoes to the top of the mix, put the lid on the pot and transfer to the oven for 45 mins-1 hour (check halfway through to add more liquid if required.  Ours didn’t but I’m aware ovens can vary).

7.  Serve!  We enjoyed ours with crunchy white baguette for dipping in the gravy.  So yummy!

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