Embracing the (Lego) Dark Side

Fry is definitely my favourite member of the dark side

I have always loved Lego.

Growing up, it was probably the toy we had the most of, and the one toy which was safe from my mother’s regular purges of ‘stuff’.  When you have to move your family from home to home and country to country regularly, sometimes with your spouse on another continent, you get good at throwing away things.  Marie Kondo would adore my mum and be in awe of her tidying skills, I’m sure.  Farewell, cuddly toys.  Au revoir, colouring books.

As a trio, my siblings and I had very different tastes in toys, books and hobbies, but the one thing we could all agree on was the awesomeness of Lego.  We’d build cities, marinas, houses, towers, spending hours and hours creating our masterpieces.

At Legoland in Denmark, such a fun family holiday.  Please note hilariously madcap hair; crutches because foot fractured in four places; and peach cycling shorts because NINETIES.

As we got older and other toys lost their appeal, Lego held strong, and most of our collection is still stashed away safely in boxes in our rooms at my parents.  I remember fondly Christmasses in my twenties, when Sian and Peter and I would return from work, university, etc. and we’d always spend an evening or two building some masterpieces in my parents’ sitting room.  Okay, we’d be sipping beers instead of orange squash, but the magic of creation and the fun of Lego never dimmed.

Imagine my joy then, when the gorgeous crew at Talented Talkers said that Asda were looking to promote some of their Lego sets by gifting them to bloggers.  I was thrilled to take part and happily selected the fantastic Lego Star Wars First Order Transporter, which looks absolutely epic.  So epic, in fact that I haven’t cracked it open yet….I think I’ll need a second brain on this one.  Or maybe two – Sian & Peter, when are you next free for some Lego?

Disclaimer: As I mentioned above, I was kindly gifted this by Asda to build.  Thanks so much!


  1. Leanne Fraser
    8th January 2016 / 11:38 am

    I bleeding love Lego! Got the Lego Star Wars calendar on the lead up to Christmas – best thing to wake up to EVER! x

    • Claire
      8th January 2016 / 6:42 pm

      AMAZING! This may have started a trend – I'm now trying to convince my husband we need lots of Lego for the nieces.Who are 1 and 2!

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