Food: In Praise of Pasta

As the winter continues, I’m always looking to make good, hearty meals for us.  As the healthkick continues, I’m always looking to make meals with plenty of veggies in.  As the saving kick continues, I’m always trying to do this in a way that stretches the money we have and still creates healthy, yummy food (shoutout to my fruit and veg guy on the high street – so much fruit and veg, bargain prices.  Plus free avocados / nectarines / cherries for regulars!).

In this cold season, pasta is a house favourite.  Whether it’s farfalle in a soup, spaghetti with a rich homemade bolognese sauce, penne with slow roasted tomato sauce, or fusilli tossed with peppers and pesto (I love regular basil pesto, especially homemade, but also have a soft spot for some of the ready made ones – the spicy ones are brilliant, and so useful when you’re in a time crunch!), pasta often forms part of our go-to meals.

As I’m trying (and succeeding, slowly but surely, yay!  More on that tomorrow) to lose weight, several people have asked me if I’m cutting carbs and my answer is always a no.  Low-carb/no-carb can work for some, but for me to live the life I like, good sensible portions of carbs are a necessary part of the plan.  If I’m going for one of my two, three, or four hour walks (such fun, especially with the radio or an audiobook or some podcasts for company), I’m enjoying a bowl of pasta or a jacket potato, whether before or after.  One thing I’m being much better about this year is portion size, and I love that paying a little attention in this area means I can keep the foods I like in my wheelhouse.

Food geek that I am, I was delighted to be sent this infographic by Jamie’s Italian about the various types of pasta and how they all got their names – this is precisely the sort of knowledge that my brain soaks up like a sponge!  I thought I’d share here for my fellow foodies – if it’s a little small then you can click through to a larger version on Visually.

Man, I’m hungry now, and grateful Italian food is planned for later!

Do you have a favourite kind of pasta?

Disclaimer: Jamie’s Italian created this infographic which I am sharing here in a sponsored post.  As ever, I only share content that I like, enjoy, or find handy!  I think it’s a really fun little guide.

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  1. Leanne - Broke in the big Smoke
    29th January 2016 / 1:09 pm

    I love pasta but did not realise there were so many different kinds! Usually I go with bows or tube hahaha x

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