Recent Reads: Why Not Me?, The Girls, and Killing Monica

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Winter is always a great time to curl up with a good book (or several good books!).  As a total bookworm it takes very little provocation for me to dive into a good book, and this year I’m determined to be better at recording what I do read here.  Here are a few of my recent reads:

Why Not Me? by Mindy Kaling

I’m a Mindy Kaling fan.  I liked her in The Office, I enjoy The Mindy Project, and I devoured Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me.  She’s such a smart, witty writer, and I always enjoy reading authors who are as pop culture obsessed as I am.  My favourite portion was probably the emails from teacher-Mindy….very funny.  A great, fun, uplifting read.

The Girls, by Emma Cline

This book doesn’t actually release until June of this year, but is already being heralded as the debut of 2016.   I was lucky enough to receive a preview copy, back in October when I went to see the author, Emma Cline in conversation with Salman Rushdie.  

This book is vivid, unsettling, and strange….in a good way.  As I turned the final page and completed the book I think my exact words were “that was…..weird.”  And it is – it’s a great book, but the theme and the style makes it creepy and a little bit dreamlike.  I don’t want to give too much away, but it’s the kind of boom that takes you on a real journey, and Evie’s tale is told in raw, vivid way – some of the imagery is still stuck in my head, over a fortnight later…..

A great book, and Cline is clearly a talent to watch.

Killing Monica, by Candace Bushnell

Another book I picked up at an event, this time at the Red Magazine lunch with Candace Bushnell herself (such a funny, fierce, intelligent woman.  Loved meeting her!).  I’ve been meaning to read it for ages, and finally made time to as my first book of 2016.  This book is classic Bushnell – funny, inscisive, entertaining.  At points it was a little too frothy for me (you know, when the chicklit convention of naming designer brands / name-drops wears a little thin – but I’m aware for others this is the best bit!), but I loved the story, the characters and the slapstick comedy of many of the scenes.  A fun, swift read – perfect for a grey January.

More on my reading soon, I’m getting through books at a decent clip again, and will do these review posts in trios, I think.  Next three books are: 

In Order To Live

Pride & Prejudice  (felt like time for a re-read!)

The Good Liar

PS If you haven’t seen this yet, this piece is great: 28 authors on the book that changed their life 

PPS As well as reading, of course I’ve been writing – loved putting this piece on Five Scottish Gems Everyone Should Visit together for Emma’s lovely blog.


  1. Elephant's Child
    12th January 2016 / 8:30 pm

    My bookaholic self is intrigued. Thank you.And hooray for rereading…

    • Claire
      13th January 2016 / 11:21 am

      I've just finished P & P – I swear, it gets better with each reread!

  2. Shan
    15th January 2016 / 5:57 pm

    I love Mindy's books. And I'm glad to see your review of The Girls, I'm looking forward to reading that one.

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