A glimpse of spring with Red magazine

Somewhat hilariously, this springlike delight arrived on the greyest day of the week!

I am almost insufferably optimistic.

I am pretty much always/often in cheerful mode.

I think sometimes people think I lack depth or intellect because of this, but hey, nevermind, I’ll be over here being delightfully sidetracked by pancakes / naps / kitty videos.  Also, people who make those kind of snap judgements can do one, frankly.

I can do sadness and anger, frustration and darkness as much as the next person, but my natural ebullience always bubbles to the surface.  Whatever the problem, whether it takes me a minute, an hour, a day or a year to process it, sooner or later I bounce back like the Tigger I am.  That’s not to say I think everyone should be like this, by the way.  Good God, that would be chaos.  But I am, for good or for ill, someone whose character traits always drag her back to the sunny side of the street. I like to think it’s the universe helping to temper my natural propensity for worry.

I remember when I was younger this upbeat way of mine drove me bananas.  I forgave easily, dropped grudges quickly, sure, but also longed to be the deep, mysterious, unknowable woman.  It took me years and years to realise that that is just not me.  I’m not destined to be the mystery woman, the cool girl.  I’m the loud (sorry!), odd (not sorry), clumsy (again, sorry!) woman, and one of the greatest gifts of my adult life has been making peace with this and realising that I can still be wanted and needed and liked.  Just as I am.

As well as being an optimist, I also go off on tangents.  Much like the one above.  The reason I brought up my optimism in the first place is because I love what this means for any new event, season, or excitement.

Whatever the occasion, I’m always so excited for what’s just around the corner (fear not, I’m percetly happy to love the moment and adore reflecting on the past too), and that makes any special occasions great fun, and the changing seasons of the year too.  Right now I am getting so excited for spring and the arrival of brighter days, lighter nights, and colourful palettes.

Helpfully my second magazine subscription for magazine.co.uk started this month.  I’ve chosen Red – I love that it’s a magazine that covers such a nice range of topics, from home to health to celebrities, and I loved their events in London last September, so it felt like a good fit.  And this month’s issue is all about spring!

I love spring.  I love the city waking up from the gloom of winter, the flowers unfurling in the park, the trees sprouting fresh green leaves.  Everything about it speaks of new life and fresh beginnings.  So I’m off to find a sunny spot where I can read this month’s edition, and plan a few excitements for the spring months to come. I’ll be writing more about Red over on the magazine.co.uk site soon, but first I need to read it.

Bring on the daffodils!

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  1. LuxuryColumnist
    21st March 2016 / 3:13 pm

    It's brilliant to be so upbeat! The sun is out in London today and I can't wait for the clocks to change

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