A list post: Things I am a *sucker* for….

  • Kitty cuddles.

  • Ben and Jerry’s Phish Food ice cream.

  • Watching certain movies whenever I happen upon them playing on TV.  Including, but by no means limited to, Sister Act (and Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit, naturally), Pretty Woman, Mean Girls, Pitch Perfect, Die Hard, and Coming to America.

  • Buy one get one free offers on produce.  I buy far too many salad vegetables every time I cross the threshold of an M&S.  Other areas where I’m weak when it comes to such finaglings are stationery, books, and toiletries.

  • A good cry.  Give me a sappy bit of prose in a book, a heartfelt song, or a weepy movie, and I just dissolve.

  • Kids selling anything,  Cookies for a bake sale, tickets for a raffle, assorted items at a jumble sale – I’m a sucker for a tiny businessperson.

  • Cat videos.  Dog videos.  Squirrel videos.

  • 1990s hip hop.  So help me, I’m sure there’s a whole swathe of science/politics/history I can’t recall because there are some Fresh Prince and Jazzy Jeff lyrics stuck in that part of my brain.

  • Lip-syncing along to whatever I’m listening to when I go for my daily walks.  Leyton is getting a lot of me mouthing the words to Hamilton at the moment.

  • A good gin martini.

  • Planning.  Holidays, visits, Christmas – I’m a sucker for a good list and a spreadsheet!

So those are my gaggle of weaknesses, I’m curious to know – what are you a sucker for?

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