100 Days of Fresh

Image from Elle Lune’s instagram

I’ve been a big fan of Natasha’s lovely blog, Graphique Fantastique, for a good long while.  I love her take on design, blogging, and all life’s delights.  She’s an incredibly gifted designer and has such a great eye for colours, shapes and patterns.

Last year Natasha took part in Elle Lune’s 100 Days Project.  In this project Elle encourages participants to spend 100 days on instagram sharing a project based on something creative – a photo series, a drawing series, a making theme.  Natasha did 100 Days of Triangles last year and I loved spotting the many places and spaces where she found triangles, or how she made them.

I’m fairly creative, buy I’d say my creativity skews more to words & performance art than to traditional graphic and fine arts.  But I loved following along the challenge through Natasha’s blog last year, and wanted to take part myself for the 2016 turnaround.  So I donned my thinking cap and thought how I might be able to join in….

….and that’s how I came up with #100daysoffresh!  The two visual arts I do enjoy and would like to improve even more?  Styling food and taking photos.  Throw in a glut of spring/summer produce we’re about to enjoy, and a desire on my part to eat ever more homemade, healthy meals, and we have ourselves a project.  Salads, stir fries, smoothies….I’m excited to create some colourful, healthful meals!

So from tomorrow I’ll be sharing an image a day on the theme over on instagram (@cmclaire), and I’ll be doing roundups of images and recipes on here too.  I’m excited!  Will you be taking part in the 100 Days Project?  What would you create?      

Image from Ella Lune’s instagram

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  1. Jasmin Charlotte
    18th April 2016 / 7:07 pm

    This is so awesome Claire! What a cool project, I'd be totally tempted to do the same if I ever had any time!!Jasmin Charlotte

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