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It’s been too long since I’ve done one of these little write ups.  I like doing them as they are a fun way to share a few little things that I’ve been up to – if I blogged everything separately I’d never get away from the computer!

If you’d like to follow me on instagram (below are just a few of my recent shares) I’m @cmclaire over there.  I’m also getting more and more active on snapchat (where I’m @cmclaire12) – turns out it’s the ideal venue for chatter and silliness, particularly when your work life has you chained to the computer or a notepad solo for most of the day…. 

I’m really enjoying playing with my Olympus PEN and getting more and more used to how to get clearer, crisper shots.  There will always be space for an iPhone shot, of course, but I am enjoying spending a little more time taking and/or editing my shots!  This picture makes me smile, as it’s the first shot I got once I was feeling perkier after my recent dip in spirits.

Plenty of posts documenting the joy of writing, planning, editing….and staring at the page!

Fun with friends such as these Bangarange lovelies.  This was such a fun evening with Katy, Milly, Ashleigh & Erica! #ballers  We were invited along to Cabana in Brixton to try out the new menu and it was absolutely delicious – fresh, tasty starters, amazing meats and salads, and nutella balls for dessert?  So wonderful.  It was actually my second Cabana event in as many weeks – a week beforehand Erica, Ashleigh and I had been invited along for a wine tasting at the Islington branch.  I now know 100% more about Brasilian/Brazilian wine (and Brasilian/Brazilian geography!).

There has been plenty of reading – I’m looking forward to reviewing Under The Paw soon!

Speaking of under the paw, the trio of trouble are loving having me home more often and are being very co-operative with my using the new camera to take their pictures!  This wee girl *loves* the camera.  I’ve actually set up an instagram just for the kits (to prevent my feed being all kitties, all the time….): for your fix of furry cuteness, their account is @thebadgerkits.

Another great book….another review to come!

I was craving mac and cheese a couple of weeks ago.  It’s a food I love, but one I’d never made before.  I fixed this!

We had our last Little Black Dress Initiative meeting of the Junior League year; we went for happy hour at Facebook’s HQ UK.  Always fun to catch up with my fellow committee members (and the Queen ;)), and to toast a year of working together!

Fighting the yo-yo, with fresh, healthy, happy breakfasts.

And always making time to celebrate!

What have you been up to lately?

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