Sitting Room Daydreaming

A snippet from my ‘Sitting Room Daydreaming‘ board on Pinterest

I like our cosy sitting room.  It’s where Matthew and I curl up on the evenings we have time for a little boxset viewing (currently watching: Parks & Recreation).  It’s where Shona and I settle down with a Dominos to watch a chickflick (recent films include Josie and the Pussycats and The Devil Wears Prada).  It’s also one of the cats favourite rooms – as it’s south-facing it gets the best of the sunshine and Fry can often be found basking in a sunbeam!

It’s a large room, and at the moment it’s a room of two halves, with the front half being the sitting room and the back half being a home gym of sorts.  We might split these rooms with a curtain or wall at some point, but for now they flow through together.  We might move the home gym equipment down to the basement and make one large room (this is currently my favourite option, but will require saving up the pennies for a good while!).  While we do so, I’m having a great time thinking up what I’d like to do, even creating a Pinterest board to collect furniture, accessories and other things for a dream sitting room.  It’s entirely wrong how happy an hour or two daydreaming about this can make me!

The good folks from Fishpools asked me if I’d like to do a post about this, and I happily acquiesced – it takes very little persuasion for me to talk about home improvement dreams.  The next project around here is my study, but after that I think the bathroom, hallway & sitting room will be next on the list!

A few favourite finds for the sitting room so far?  I love the idea of this piece of room art (from Not on the High Street), with all the destinations we love on it (Edinburgh, where we met; Mogan, where we got engaged; London, where we married; and all the other sweet destinations we cherish).  I’m a little bit in love with these cool grey shelves (from Ikea).  While looking through the Fishpools site I loved the Alexa sofa.  Getting a sofa into our terraced house will be a labour of love – with a narrow dorrway it will involve taking the front window out, but I love for the day we can curl up on a lovely, cosy sofa!  I really like this chic little yellow side table from John Lewis – I love to have little splashes of sunshine in my decor!  Last but never least, I feel like every Austen fan needs a Pride & Prejudice cushion (from Etsy).

Spring always gets me excited about home changes and I think it will be a busy season around here – budgets and shopping and boxes, oh my!  From tiny jobs (cleaning out the junk cupboards in the dining room!), to medium ones (installing a new extractor fan – oh, the glamour!), to bigger projects (more on the big study move later this week!).

Disclaimer: this post is sponsored by Fishpools, but as you all know, I need very little provocation to hit Pinterest and do a little home planning!

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