Music, hotels and cocktails, oh my!

It is a truth universally acknowledged that I like cocktails. I also like hotels, airports, and all things travel. And music, along with all things culture, makes my heart sing!  This means that on occasion I get invited to events that are the perfect fit.  one such event happened last Thursday, when I was invited along by the London Pullman Hotel to enjoy a night of cocktails and canapes, and to toast the unveiling of the hotel’s theme song, composed by French electro-poppers Sauvage (think Air crossed with Years + Years, with a pinch of Daft Punk and some loungey additions).

I was fascinated to go inside the hotel – I’ve stayed in Novotels, Sofitels and Ibis hotels before (just a few of the other Accor brands), but this was the first time I’d visited a Pullman.  The hotel’s location is a dream, right between Euston & St Pancras, and opposite the British Library.  I’ve passed several times while marching around the city, but this was my first time inside.

The entrance is beautiful, with large light fixtures, comfortable seating in intimate little clusters, and an impressive bar in the near-distance.  We’d explore further later in the evening, but after being greeted it was time to head to a lounge for drinks and chatter ahead of the musical portion of the evening.

Loved the warm welcome…with a little French flair!

Sauvage did a great little set, in lighting that was superb for eating, drinking and chatting, but not so great for music photography.  Their songs are catchy and vibrant, and I like the piece they composed for Pullman – it’s a great little track.  I think it’s cool all the ways hotels can brand themselves now – from fragrances to theme songs, styling to mattresses you can purchase to take home.  Such fun!

Excellent nibbles were passed and enjoyed.

And the friendly bar staff kept glasses topped up at all times – it was quite the party!

I loved these little Opera cakes – so dainty and pretty, and a lovely nod to Pullman’s French heritage.

There was a lovely wee gaggle of bloggers and influencers in attendance and I had some super chats, especially with the always gorgeous Erica & Charley.  What a treat to catch up with friends on a ‘work’ night!

The champagne Jean-Paul Deville was refreshing and light – perfect for a fun, chilled evening gathering.

After their set we were lucky enough to get half an hour with Sauvage to talk all things music, culture, and collaboration.  Quite a vast range of questions followed, as well as us giving the gents plenty of tips for exploring London the morning after.  Bloggers, always with the #opinions.

I also liked hearing about how the band got together and the awesome Apache creative collective they are part of at home in Paris.  We also got a few silly questions in, including which songs would get them on the dancefloor – I was impressed at their beautifully honest answers.  Crystal Waters and Michael Jackson for the win.

After the interviews, our lucky group got to tour the hotel.  As someone who is by nature far too nosey (or to quote my sainted grandmother, “inquisitive”), I always love to do this part!

I adored these light fixtures, spanning the reception and bar areas.

The Golden Arrow bar looked comfortable and relaxed.  I loved the mixture of larger, open tables and more intimate banquettes.

The whisky collection alone means that I will have to come back to visit the bar – and bring a Matthew, too!

After that we took the elevator up to view a standard room, and one of the hotel’s beautiful suites.  I’m hoping to stay here at somepoint so I can do a full review – the styling and finish were both fabulous!

Loved, loved, loved the quirky details in each room.

Far above the city, all is quiet and serene.

Loved this light in the suite.  Took most of my self-control not to curl up with a book immediately.

From the hotel you get the nicest view of the city – I imagine it’s just as lovely of a morning!

Thank you so much to Talented Talkers for inviting me along, Pullman Hotels for hosting me so generously, and Sauvage for such a fun set and a great interview chat.

Disclaimer, for the win: I was invited to this event and hosted beautifully by Pullman.  All opinions, champagne shots and questioning of French electro-pop acts my own, as ever.


  1. Emma Iannarilli
    5th May 2016 / 12:00 pm

    That looks like a super stunning hotel and a pretty fabulous event. Lucky you!

    • Claire
      6th May 2016 / 1:29 pm

      I'm a lucky duck! Such a beautiful place to while away a little time.

    6th May 2016 / 10:52 am

    Such a wonderful evening. Lovely to see you too 🙂 x

    • Claire
      6th May 2016 / 1:30 pm

      *Always* a pleasure, my love, glad we could catch up in person!

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