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As I do more and more book blogging – such fun for a bookworm like me, I have to say – I get the chance to go to fun events, read an ever increasing list of titles and take part in fun things such as blog tours. The latter items on the list being something I’m able to take part in today, as I join in with the blog tour for Charlotte Betts’ book The House in Quill Court.*

Following the story of Venetia Lovell, a bright and sensible young woman living in a country idyll in Kent before events mean she must relocate to London and to the house which gives the book its title. In doing so she has to bravely start a new life and to find the path she wishes to follow. Set in the Regency period of English history, with the many social conventions so well known by readers of Austen and others, this is an entertaining and charming read, which sweeps you away from the busy-ness of the modern world and away to a place and time which was very different. I very much enjoyed escaping to Venetia’s world while commuting to and from the centre of town on the tube. The first fifty pages had me utterly gripped and tight plotting and vivid characters kept me involved until the last page!

I loved the character of Venetia. When I saw the cover I was expecting a slightly fluffy protagonist, I must confess, but was delighted to discover an intelligent, resourceful and kind heroine at the book’s core – shades of Elinor Dashwood. I also enjoyed the social commentary throughout the book – Betts’ description of a London on the rise, and the mores and morals of society, family and poverty added a real depth to the storyline.

Swift, well-written and involving, this is fiction to revel in. If you’re a fan of a read that takes you to a new place, where it’s sometimes hard to decide who the villains are, and where the plot keeps you on your toes, I’d thoroughly recommend. Thank you to Little, Brown for inviting me to take part in the blog tour – be sure to check out what everyone else thought of the book by checking in on their days too.


Disclaimer: I was gifted a copy of The House In Quill Court in return for an honest review. All opinions my own, as ever.

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