Happy Monday/Ten Happy Things #6

Joining up as ever with Katy and Jasmin for a lovely, positive start to the week! Here are my ten happy things from the last week and the present time 🙂

1. Planning ahead.

When you’re a planner fiend like me (am loving the combo of my Erin Condren* as a control station on my desk plus a chic Moleskine for in my handbag!), the chance to get organised and sorted for the time ahead is a true pleasure! With lots of travel ahead (Newcastle, New York, Boston, Toronto, Las Vegas, Amsterdam, Inverness…) plus writing work, catch up with friends and loads of plans for the blog and other online adventures, I’m loving getting organised for a busy season! 

2. Cooking.

Now the temperature has dropped a little I’m loving being able to use the kitchen a little more – when the temperature is over thirty degrees we don’t turn our oven on!

3. Writing.

By posting here a little less often (3-5 times a week), I’m carving out more and more time for other writing. This makes me really happy! It’s so great to have time for both blogging and other writing in this season.

4. Fun co-working dates and lovely lunch dates.

Whether it’s a lovely lunch with Charlie at The Life Goddess, or co-working with Jaye and Ghenet at Heal’s and Dillons (pints of tea you guys. Oh my gosh), I love the mix of days when I’m all work all the time at home, and when I manage to get out and about a little.

Seriously. How delicious does this look?

Such fun to work in such a bright, light space at Heal’s.

5. Exploring new parts of London.

The back roads around UCL. Wandering aroung Spitalfields on my way back from the farm. Researching routes for an upcoming day out with Hannah (we are going on a mission – stay tuned!). The city never fails to surprise with its many new places and things to enjoy.

6. Wedding invitations and anniversary plans.

In every year we’ve been together, Matthew and I have attended at least one wedding, often several. This year, however, we’ve had none. On the one hand this has been fabulous, with a little more money and time for other projects and travels, but on the other hand I’ve missed the wedding circuit – love the whole thing, me, from the dresses to the confetti to the music! So it was lovely to get not one but two save the dates for weddings next year in the mail this week. Bring on 2017!

Speaking of all things nuptial, next week will be out 2nd wedding anniversary (and the eighth anniversary of us meeting, too!), so it’s been great fun to plan for some Manchester based adventures, whether it’s a stay in a lovely hotel, a great meal on the day itself, or catching up with some dear friends while we’re up north.

7. Happy mail and fun gifts.

I’ve been very lucky on the blogger gift front this week. From proofs from Penguin and Little Brown and clothes from George, the postman has been my bestie this week. I also picked up my goody bag from the Thirty-Plus Awards from Erica (I’d been silly and left it behind in the restaurant after the shindig – thank you for scooping it up for me, Erica!) and was delighted to find it full to the brim with The Body Shop goodies – I’m having a whale of a time trying them all out. Love good beauty products.

I also received a fab carafe from Brita this week. As chlorine is (one of) my asthmatic triggers, we’ve had to filter our water forever. We have the jug filter and it’s a godsend – so lovely to be able to hydrate and not get wheezy. This week Brita very kindly sent me one of their ‘fill and serve’ carafes, which is super pretty, and smart enough to have on the dinner table or a desk. We are so enjoying using it at mealtimes.

A carafe so chic, even Fry wants to crash the picture!

8. Healthy, noisy cats.

On Saturday we had to take the gang for their boosters at the vets and their annual check ups. They do not like going to the vets, but it’s so important to make sure they are healthy and covered for any nasties. Our vets are super (shout out to Midland Veterinary Surgery – if you need a great vet in East London we’d highly recommend) and the appointment was mercifully swift, but it was great to hear they are all healthy and thriving. In between all the miaows and yowls of disapproval from the trio!

Fry was soon back on chilled and happy form at home. 

Leela spent the afternoon sleeping off the exertion, 

And Poppet definitely had her eye on me for the rest of the day! 

9. Lazy Saturdays with Matthew.

After the drama that is getting three cats to and from the vets, Matthew and I decided to have a lazy afternoon together. We wandered over to Leyton Food Market, had a drink in the Leyton Technical, and pootled along to visit the new pub on the block, The Leyton Star.It was such a nice way to while away an afternoon together.

Such a pretty fountain in Coronation Gardens – lovely for the local pigeons and sparrows to have a little wash in from time to time! 

Blue skies and cool beers? Yes please! 

10. New books.

My Sister’s Bones. Hygge. The House In Quill Court. Swing Time.

Very, very excited to dive in, and loving the hot off the press tote bag too! 

I will never tire of new additions to the TBR pile!

I hope you all have a wonderful Monday and a cracking week ahead!

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