Happy Monday/Ten Happy Things #8

Joining up as ever with Katy and Jasmin for a lovely, positive start to the week, albeit a little later than usual! Here are my ten happy things from the last week and the present time 🙂 

1. Books, books, books

Come on autumn, I want to get cosy…

Always. Whether it’s a great proof from a publisher (thanks, guys), or a new biography I just treated myself to, there’s always time for books!

2. Discovering Kikki K

Yeah, I bought colour in postcards. They look so fun!

I can’t believe it took me so long!

3. Trying. Failing. Learning

I’ve tried out for a few things in the last few weeks…and been unsuccessful. Not proper face-plant, wow-you’re-rubbish unsuccessful, more you-are-okay-good-maybe-even-great, but not good enough. As someone who spent a lot of my teens and twenties feeling perpetually not enough and/or too much, I’ve been quite pleased with how I’ve handled the disappointments, in a reflecyive, mature and proactive way – even if a good one-tenth of me wanted to collapse on a sofa with some ice cream! Hence, happy.

4. Manchester

There may have been afternoon naps on the schedule. There was also an amazing deep bath with bubble jets – I went to Lush to buy a bath bomb to celebrate the latter fact!
Up high!

How beautiful are these Hawksmoor menus? Divine.

Love the bar at Cloud 23…and the drinks they serve, too.

Matthew and I took a lovely trip up north for our anniversary last week and it was great to have some time together to relax and spend a little time together, with good food, culture and cocktails aplenty. We stayed in a lovely room at the Hilton, with great views over the city and the comfiest bed. It was also handy to be in the same building as the brilliant Cloud 23, where we enjoyed many a cocktail. We had lunch on our actual anniversary at Hawksmoor, which was a triumph, as you’d expect!

5. Exploring Chinese food with Charlie

I believe Dancing With Pandas was the sequel to Dancing With Wolves…

Totes mature

So. Much. Great. Food.

Yeah, we went there.

On Saturday the lovely Charlie was invited along to the London Chinese Food Festival, and she very kindly invited me along as her plus-one. It was great fun to catch up, take selfies with people dressed as pandas, and eat some cracking food.

6. Thinking about teaching

I’ve mentioned here before that while I’m enjoying this season of career meandering, I am missing teaching too. Especially right now, when I’d usually be setting up my new classroom, labelling books, working on curriculum and getting ready for the new intake. As much as I’m loving trying other things, I can feel my vocation calling. One thing is helping a lot though when it comes to distracting me…

7. Holiday excitement!

Ahhhhhhhhhhhh! So ready for a nice long holiday and some adventures! I’ve been doing lots of research on the hotels we’ve chosen (the Library Hotel, the Boxer, the InterContinental and the Aria) in the four cities we are visiting and I’m just getting more excited by the moment!

8. Cocktails with gorgeous bloggers….

So good catching up with these lovelies!

Perfect cocktails and bubbles

On Thursday I met the lovely Emma and Angie at Forest on the Roof atop Selfridges and loved catching up with them both over cocktails and skinny champagne. Love a good catch up!

9. ….and brunch with other gorgeous bloggers!

Yesterday I got to have brunch/lunch with several of my Bangarang cuties, and also got to visit Dishoom for the first time too (I drank oh-so-much chai). Katy, Charlie, Erica, Jasmin, AJ and Charley, I adored seeing you all!

10. Fry-cat

Even when I’m feeling a little blue, a good snuggly cuddle with my purrful little black cat never fails to lift the spirits! Fry may not be able to miaow particularly well, but man he can purr like a pro!


  1. Emma Julia
    22nd August 2016 / 3:49 pm

    I feel like more people should dress up as Pandas…

    • Claire
      24th August 2016 / 1:01 pm

      I agree! Such a fun, silly thing to dance with a panda!

  2. Angie Silver
    22nd August 2016 / 4:49 pm

    So lovely to see you on the roof!

    • Claire
      24th August 2016 / 1:02 pm

      Delightful to catch up!

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