Seven Tips for Happy, Healthy Cats

Poppet Cat

Deer Hoomans,

The other day, Clur said she had been asked by the RSPCA (a hooman organisation which looks after the aminals) to write a blog post on how to look after your pets. As I am akshully the family expert on kitty happehs, I said I would write it for her. You are welcome.

Shy black cat

Here are my top seven tips for happy, healthy cats.

Cat sleeping box

1. While cats are very happeh to play wiv their hooman pets, sometimes they do need space of their own. Clur and Maffoo make sure that as well as having lots of comfeh beds they also have a katzen haus in the garden, and plenty of boxes and igloos available for when we needs some space of our own. Having hoomans can be tiring – cats sleep for 12 to 18 hours a day.

Black cat window

2. Cats can be happeh as indoors only or having the freedom to range.

If your cat is indoors only you’ll need to make sure that they has plenty of toys to occupy and amuse them. You may also want to invest in window or door screens so in the summer oo can opens the windows and doors for fresh air without having an escapee katzen!

Outdoor cats need to be given safe spaces, and a collar with your details on is a gud idea too, in case they go a-wandering. There are many excellent collurs available – Leela and Fry both have ones which are easy-release, so if the collar gets stuck when the cat is climbing it springs open saflee. I am meant to have one of them too but I am an expurt at undoing them. We are all microchipped too, which is very impawtent.

Tortoiseshell cat love

3. Cats need meat in their diet, but they also need a variety of foods in their diet. We have wet food everyday, split into several small meals, and a dry food bowl which is always stocked with kibble. The hoomans add to this with occasional treats of cooked chickun, beefs or grilled salmun (heheh, we are spoiled kittens!), and a tuna smoothie or two in the very warm days.

We also like to have drinks of water, but take care to give us a few options – we have three different bowls in different spots (kitchen, katzenraum, garden). Water should always be away from our foods – water near foods seems dirty to katzen! I love epic fresh water and love when Clur fills a little dish straight from the taps just for Poppet.

4. Cats are vereh good at groomin and staying booful. Did you know that our tongues are covered in little bristles so we can ‘brush’ our furs?  Sometimes we do needs a hand, though. When this happuns, Clur and Maffoo use a dooberry called the Furminator which gets rid of lots of old fur like magics! 

Some kitties like to be groomed (me!), some do not (Leela), but especially in the summer it can leave one staying cool. 

We all keep our claws tidy by clawing our scratching posts, and the fences in the garden. Sometimes cats will needs a little help though and you can give their claws a little clip (or have a groomer or vet tech do it if you prefer now to be yowled at!) like snipping your hooman nails. I have heard that some hoomans declaw their cats, but that makes me feel pretty cross – we use our claws for climbing and catching, I would be epic sads without them!  

Close up tortoiseshell cat face

5. Cats are an interesting mixture of social and independents. We are (if I do say so myselfs) very friendly and social and like to sits with our hoomans and give them purrs, but we also like to spend time on our own. Space and respect are important to kitties – if you get it rights oo will be rewarded with an awful lot of loves. And fur. You are welcomes.

If oo are going to be out a lot, you may wish to consider havin more than one cat, so they haves a buddy. When Clur and Maffoo did adopt us from the Celia Hammond, they were both working full time, so they knew they wanted a duo or a trio…and they founded us, lucky hoomans! When they are buseh with works we kits all like to spend times togethers, playing, chatting, and occasionally snuggling up together.

Beautiful black cat sitting

6. When cats are scared they need space to retreat to. If there’s something stressful occurrin (fireworks are Leela’s least favrit, and Fry-cat hates the hoover. I are bravest kittun, of course), make sure your kittuns have places they can feel safe and get away to. When there are fireworks at Bonfire Night or Diwali or New Year’s, Clur and Maffoo keep us all inside and lock the catflap, and hide boxes and blankets throughout the house so we have lots of retreats. Sometimes we just want to sit with them, but at other times our hidin instinct is strong.

Cosy cat

7. Always, always remember that cats are the boss.

Peekaboo cat

 I hopes you have enjoyed my seven tips for happy, healthy cats. I are exhausted now!

Purrs and chirrups,


Disclaimer from Claire: Poppet and I were asked to write this by the lovely folk at the RSPCA. As passionate animal lovers we were more than happy to contribute our voices/miaows to proceedings!


    12th August 2016 / 10:50 am

    This is the cutest! I'd like to read more from Poppet 😛

  2. Claire
    13th August 2016 / 9:39 pm

    Ankoos, Charley! I will trys to rite agains soon! PC

  3. Sirvikalot
    13th August 2016 / 11:18 pm

    This is soooo adorable!! I worry my kitty is lonely because I work full time but she doesn't like other cats and i don't have room for another one anyway. Hopefully she's ok. I'm a worrier. V

    • Claire
      17th August 2016 / 7:03 am

      I'm sure she's abslutely grand! Some kitties do not like company at all, in which case I bet she has a ball being in charge of the whole thing!

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