One Happy Camper: thinking back to my camping youth

Packing up a storm, me

As those of you who read here often know, I love to travel and to visit new places and spaces. Of all the things I’m lucky enough to be able to spend money on, travelling and experiencing other cultures is truly one of the best things. I find that travelling leaves me feeling replenished, energised and inspired – always a wonderful thing when you have writing to do and worlds to imagine. Whether it’s a quick trip to the seaside, a longer break away, or flying to the other side of the world, I love to travel and visit new places.

Growing up in a family of five, we loved to take day trips, but package holidays and hotel stays were a bit beyond the budget. So I grew up in a family that did a lot of camping, and I loved it. Sleeping under canvas, the sounds of the natural world around you. Dark skies filled with a multitude of bright stars. Cooking over campfires and making our own fun – climbing trees, ‘swordfighting’ with sticks, building bases, running around the areas around our emcampment. Whether away as a family or on a Cub Camp (my parents were a Cub Scout Leader and a Beaver Scout Leader – we camped out a lot!), I loved the chance to get away and explore new environs. We camped so much, especially when we lived in Germany and I have such fond memories of these excursions!

Matthew’s family were caravan folk, but the same idea applies – heading off to new places, the thrill of leaving the everyday behind and venturing off to a new horizon. I was saying just the other day that once the niecelets & the godson are a little older and in school I’d love to take them camping or caravaning, but that I’d prefer a few more ‘mod cons’ than we enjoyed in the eighties and nineties (I like showers. And beds – I’ve got so fussy ;)). So I was delighted when I was contacted about Yelloh! Village, a brand who’ve put their own spin on camping – they provide ‘open air hotels’! So you get the lovely parts of camping – the thrill of the new, bags of outdoor space, but with a few of the creature comforts we’ve all come to love and enjoy!

There are camping pitches, furnished tents, chalets and cottages, and the range of spaces and sizes of accommodation is quite something! There are camps all over mainland Europe (I spent a good hour clicking about on the France ones alone), and they all have different facilities and things to enjoy – I think it would be such a great way to explore, particularly with little ones. I was also pleased to see that so many of the camps have dog friendly areas as well – when we get dogs I know they’ll be coming along on as many holidays as possible (our pampered pusses get kitty-sitters. Poppet-cat is not a camper). The range of facilities is quite something, from beautiful woods and lakes, to fun pools and play areas, to shops for when you forget that one vital thing.

As well as a family break I also think the cottages or chalets would be wonderful for a girls’ trip away – what could be more fun than lashings of cheese, wine, and good company? Honestly, perusing this site has me daydreaming something fierce!

Gentle readers, have you been camping? If so, what’s your favourite part?

Disclaimer, for I like to be transparent on le blog: This post was written in association with Yelloh! Village, but all memories, camping daydreams and communications of my need for plumbing facilities when camping are entirely my own.

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