I Love Your Blog: Bloody Hell Brennan

Katie Brennan is a flipping force of nature.

Actress, singer, writer, bon vivant and so much more, I’ve been reading her blog (Bloody Hell Brennan) for a good long while now and am extremely lucky to be able to call her a friend too. Whether it’s watching her (award nominated, sellout) autobiographical stage show, bantering on WhatsApp or laughing at a well-told story at a Bangarang get-together, I never tire of her company, and her writing is a delight. I’m thrilled to host her here today for another round of ‘I Love Your Blog’. Let’s go, Brennan!

The lovely Miss B! All pictures kindly sent to me by the lady herself.

1.How long have you been blogging?

Since February 2013…so nearly four years! BLIMEY MATE that’s gone quickly! 

2. What do you blog about?  Do you have a specific goal with your blog (i.e. reviewing products, promoting a business, transitioning into a writing / media career), or is it more a record of your life/a hobby?

I started my blog basically as a creative outlet. I’m an actor and I was at a point in my career where I wasn’t getting much work and I was tired of waiting for other people to give me permission to be creative. I wanted something  that was mine, that I could do as and when I wanted to, as much or as little of as I pleased. The blog was born and I thought I’d only keep it up for five minutes. Nearly four years on and I’m still rambling away on there. It’s brought me some amazing opportunities and connected me with some wonderful people (yourself included you babe!) things that I never expected would happen!

3.What is your favourite thing about blogging?

I love looking back on old posts, they’re such a great way to keep memories fresh! I also LOVE the opportunities and weird and wonderful things I get to do as part of my blog- I feel very lucky every time I get an exciting collaboration come through on email!

4. What is your least favourite thing about blogging?

When I haven’t posted in a while, I do tend to beat myself up about it- which is  dumb I know, but I find it stressful in busy periods to keep motivated with it sometimes. Being a freelancer, I’m constantly juggling about a bazillion different jobs and bookings so sometimes it’s difficult to keep my posting regular! 

5. Do you have any favourite posts on your blog – pieces you’re really proud of, which document something special, or which seemed to strike a chord with your readers?

I’ve always struggled with mental health issues, and I wrote a piece called The Anxiety Goblin, which was all about my tussles with my anxiety and what treatment I’ve had to help control it. The response I got  to that post was unbelievable- the amount of people who got in touch to say how much they identified with it helped me to not feel so isolated in my own dark times. We need to talk about this shit, man, and keep the conversation flowing. 

On a lighter note, I wrote a piece back in 2014 called ‘If The Tube Lines Were People’ which was a really fun piece to write, and I collaborated with the graphic designer Alexandra Bucktin (who also does my blog design for me, bae) and the post went totally viral- we appeared in Time Out and Buzzfeed and even got interviewed by Japanese Television. MENTAL.

6. Whose blogs do you love?  I’m always looking for recommendations πŸ™‚

I love me a big dose of Hannah Gale for her style and for being so gosh darn relatable, Angie Silverspoon for travel lust and champagne goals and Josie from Fashion Mumblr for perving on luxury beauty buys I will never be able to afford!

7. As well as blogging you’re also a very talented actress and performer (I’m #biased, but also #entirelycorrect). How do you think those two elements work together? Do you prefer one over the other or do you like writing as much as being onstage?

For me, blogging has very much always been a form of performing- it’s my words, thoughts and opinions being available for the public, so it is so therapeutic and helps me so much whenever I’m having a bit of a bad run of auditions or out of work for long periods of time. It’s also given me a voice to speak up amidst what is such a tough industry. I’ve written a couple of pieces about the reality of being a performer and the difficulties and downright humiliating situations we have to put ourselves through, which again, have gone viral amongst the acting community and in turn, led to me writing guest pieces and features for The Stage and WhatsOnStage. 

8. You took your ‘Quarter Life Crisis’ show to the Fringe this year. Now it’s been a couple of months, how are you feeling about the whole experience? (editors note, you smashed it, babe!)

Ha, thanks babe! The overriding feeling I have about the Fringe is pride. It was tough at times, and such bloody hard work, but I’m just so proud of what I achieved there. I surprised myself
 with my emotional and physical stamina, and the feedback from people who loved the show gave me ALL THE FEELS MAN. ALL DEM TINGLY FEELS.

9. I’ve been so interested to chat with you about creative writing. Are you working on any particular projects at the moment?

I’ve always wanted to write kids stories, and I actually did a Creative Writing short course at University of the Arts this year which was brilliant. I developed a bunch of ideas, which I’m excited to work on and see come to life perhaps next year once the madness of Panto season is out of the way! (side note- any illustrators out there interested in collaborating, hit me up!). 

10. What tips do you have for bloggers growing and nurturing their blogs?

Engage with others as much as you can, stay relatable and just keep doing you. 

Thank you so much for your honest and wonderful answers, Katie – loved this interview!


  1. Angie Silver
    28th October 2016 / 8:44 am

    Ahhh I loved Katie's show! Thanks for mentioning my blog, Katie!!

  2. Lilinha Angel
    28th October 2016 / 9:22 pm

    I haven't heard from Katie before, so thank you for sharing! :)http://lilinhaangel.com/

  3. Samantha Jeffery
    28th October 2016 / 9:23 pm

    Katie sounds like such an inspirational woman! Thank you so much for sharing this!

  4. Stella Olojola
    28th October 2016 / 11:39 pm

    Fab post. Staying relatable is very important. Off to check her blog.

  5. Annie Bean
    30th October 2016 / 9:01 am

    Will be having a read of her blog. What a lovely idea for a blog post!

  6. Lubka Henry
    30th October 2016 / 5:38 pm

    What a lovely person. Her blog must be a really cool place to spent hours reading πŸ™‚

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