What’s In My Bag? (Winter Edition)

I’ve always loved these kinds of posts, but have never got around to doing my own. My innate nosiness means I’m always intrigued to see which items people tote around for their average day in the city, or out and about, and I hope if like me you enjoy learning about this sort of thing that this satisfies the very human instinct to see what others are up to!

I’m often out in the city for hours on end, and when I am I like to make sure I’m prepared (those years of being a Brownie and a Girl Guide, and the offspring of military folk, come in very handy). There’s nothing worse than being caught short and discovering that you’re miles from home without water/a tissue/lip balm!

Please enjoy the early morning realness of these snaps. January is not the one for photo gorgeousness at 6am/9pm…

This is my current winter bag. It’s a grey slouchy pleather (for want of a better description!) bag from Accessorise, which I picked up in the early autumn before our US and Canada trip. I wanted a roomy, useful bag, with zippered sections to keep things secure as we dashed between flights, buses, taxis and boats, but with roomy sections which were easy to get into when you just wanted to grab a bottle of water, a pair of sunglasses or a scarf. This bag turned out to be perfect for purpose and was really a trooper throughout our travels, and it’s now my go-to bag for the winter in London. It’s big enough to carry all the bits and bobs I need out in town (teachers always carry a *tonne* of stuff, I find) but small enough to carry without injuring oneself or taking people out on the tube.

In my bag I always tend to have:

A book. I always have at least two or three books on the go at any one time (spot the book blogger / English major, anyone?) and one will be in my handbag. I sometimes have my kindle instead, but I’m going through a ‘real books’ phase at the mo. Yes, they are heavier to carry, but I just love a proper book.

A bottle of water. With a long commute and a love of taking big walks, staying hydrated is key. I got so frustrated with the waste of plastic bottles, so now I have a lovely refillable metal one. As it’s a thermal flask this also has the benefit of keeping water nice and cool – it’ll be so great in the toasty London summer!

A notebook.  I never know when I’m going to have a spare few moments or a luxurious hour or two where a spot of writing can be squeezed in, and I’m a great believer in having a little paper to hand for those moments. I always live by my lists so I have my day-to-day notebook in my handbag at all times. I’m devoted to my Leuchtturm books – they are great quality, I love the paper options (everything from dotted, to lined, to plain, to squared), they are available in the most gorgeous hues and the page numbers and contents page are so useful for finding information quickly that I’ve written down speedily days or weeks before.

A spare bag-for-life. That way if I need to pop into the store for some bits and pieces I don’t have to buy a new bag. This is also handy for stashing a damp umbrella in if it’s got wet on the way to somewhere.

An umbrella. It’s the UK in January. It is going to rain! I love my sweet Ella Doran umbrella, a gift from Matthew right back when we starting dating. It always makes me smile when I use it.

Card. I bought the little card with the passage from 1 Corinthians on up in Bamburgh last year. It was the Bible reading at our wedding, and having it in my handbag is a sweet reminder of the day.

Floss and sugar free mints or gum. I like to keep things fresh (even if lunch is something a tad robust), and I always have floss in case I need to give my jaws a spruce.

Gloves. I got this cute pair last year for a few pounds – they have the magic material which means you can still use your phone if you need to. So handy for maps or phone calls on chillier days.

Headphones. My commute takes 90 minutes plus a day, so these are vital for listening to music as I travel. I also have some old episodes of Parks and Recreation downloaded to my phone to watch on the way home on the evenings where I’m feeling bushed! At the moment I’m using some Apple earbuds after my Sennheiser ones broke – may treat myself to some snazzier ones for a payday treat in the not too distant.

Ibuprofen. I tend to be very well (touch wood), but these are great for occasional headaches or cramps.

Lip balm, a hairbrush (and bobbles) and hand cream. I love being able to spruce up a little between places so the lip balm and hairbrush have me arriving looking fairly kempt and put-together. The hand cream is a must – working with children I wash my hands a lot to stay clean and fend off any lurgies, and being able to put on a little hand cream afterwards keeps my paws fairly supple and soft. My friend Kaz gave me some lovely Molton Brown hand creams at Christmas which are proving to be hugely useful in this cold weather.

My Oyster card. This wee gem has my monthly travelcard loaded up on it and makes travelling around London a breeze. I know it’s very cool to moan about it but I love how easy it is to travel around the city safely and speedily for the vast majority of the time.

My  pencil case. I have a lovely pencil case with a badger one which my friend Christy gifted me several years ago. Having all my pens kept together rather than floating in my bag willy-nilly means I can always find them fast. I love the Pilot Frixion pens (why were erasable pens not a thing when I was at school?) and my lovely Parker ballpoint.

My phone and a charger. One is obvious – the other so helpful. If I’m going from school to an event or a dinner or a show, being able to boost my charge can be a lifesaver!

My wallet. Another Matthew gift (he’s a generous man), my purple leather wallet is ideal, with lots of spaces for loyalty cards and Caffe Nero stampers and notes and coins and stamps. I have a smaller wallet I use in littler bags but this is my day-to-day favourite.

Tissues. For runny noses, flaky mascara or spilled coffee, and a thousand things besides.

Watch. I rely on my phone for the time for the most part, but at times in school (testing, break times etc) a watch is a great thing to have – mine stays in my bag until it’s required. It’s also great to have in places where a phone screen would be distracting, or where phones are prohibited.

On any given day there are likely to be other things – my camera if I’m off adventuring, tickets to events or for travel, snacks if I’m on the go, but the things above are what you’ll always find.  Now I’ve done my show-and-tell, I’m intrigued to know – what’s in your  bag?

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  1. Lena
    31st January 2017 / 10:43 pm

    I always have so many things in my handbag! Often a book, always my headphones nd phone charger.

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