I had to illustrate a post called Plates with a picture of some of my own pretty plates, right? These beauties are from West Elm, John Lewis, Monsoon, Laura Ashley, Marks & Spencer and one from my parents’ wedding crockery. I love me some pretty plates!

Do you ever feel like sometimes you’re trying to keep dozens of plates in the air? Like there’s so much to do, and not quite enough time to do it?

Lately I’ve been feeling this, in a big way. I’m lucky enough to have a busy life (and lucky enough to have coffee and patience enough to whizz through said busy life), but this latest season is calling upon my inner acrobat a little. I’ve neglected my blog a fair amount, but one of the joys of having been in the blogosphere for over a decade means I’m well aware of the ups and downs of writing. With being back into full-time work (and what’s more, full time work which I thoroughly enjoy), it’s been the right thing to designate the blog to the backburner to simmer a while, whilst other more pressing tasks, activities and projects, from settling in with a new class, to helping backstage with the Year 3 play, to actually seeing my husband, have taken precedence.

So back to the plates. I like to think of each area of my life as a separate little plate, and one which I have to spin and keep in motion or it will falter and fall. Some plates are big and important – my job, my marriage, my home, my friendships. Some are smaller, but are shiny and beautiful and catch the light as they spin – these plates add so much to my life and are good for my health, my wellbeing and my soul. They include writing, blogging, exercising, cooking, walking, snuggling up with three very silly cats, reading and volunteering. Then there are the smaller plates, the ones which you can almost forget…until they threaten to fall.

We all have these plates. Yours might look very similar, or very, very different. But they will be there. This past few months, with a pretty big life change (from work at home writer and homemaker to full-time teaching is a big shift!), I’ve been working hard to keep the plates aloft, and I think I’ve managed it, for the most part.

All this to say, it’s nearly Easter break, and I intend to do a good week of writing during the time off which is on the horizon. Brace yourself….blog posts are coming. I have holidays to recount, books to review, recipes to write up and so much to share.

But first, the end of term. And a jaunt to Italy. I’ll see you soon, lovelies.


  1. Emma Julia
    21st March 2017 / 7:43 pm

    This is so, so true Claire! And reminds me of a favourite Disturbed (the metal band) song 'Dropping Plates'…

  2. Angloyankophile
    22nd March 2017 / 7:24 am

    I so, so need this post this week, Claire! Between my full-time job in publishing and my "other" job of blogging and freelance writing, I constantly feel like my plates are crashing down around me. But what I love is that you also added things like friendships and quality time to your plate imagery – it's changed my perspective a bit. Thank you!

  3. charlienin
    22nd March 2017 / 10:17 am

    I'm super proud of you and all your balancing right now. It's so important to know where to focus your energies to avoid burning out and you're looking after the things that make you happiest which is spot on!Cx

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